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Awkward & Backward​ Cycology, Keep Moving

awkward, backward, keep moving during chronic illness

Do you feel like everything is backward during chronic illness? That everything you try feels awkward? Your body feels like it has been turned inside out and your life upside down. Chronic illness has a way of stirring up life, whether we want it to or not.

A B C’s

  1. Awkward
  2. Backward
  3. Cycology


Being chronically ill simply is going to feel awkward. It not our usual body, not our usual energy, not our usual aches and pains.

Our bodies are going to feel awkward and our relationships are going to feel awkward. As we find ourselves in a more vulnerable position, relationships are tested. Some will make it through the experience and others won’t.


It all can feel backward. Our bodies do the opposite of what they are supposed to. To overcome chronic illness we have to think outside the box and be willing to take the backward stance instead of following the crowd.

And some relationships can become so backward that you have to choose to trust or not. While in chronic illness, the vulnerability is painful at times. Being ill means that we will need help and that is not always a comfortable place.


Using our minds to transcend above illness can help us get out of illness.

When we get overwhelmed by chronic illness, we get stuck in it. When we can allow for the awkwardness and backwardness of it, we can transcend it and move forward with more ease.

Our minds can bring us tremendous relief if we allow it. We can learn to laugh like never before at how utterly backwards it all feels and take the ride in greater peace.

We can learn to roll with the relationship issues that seem to arise from chronic illness. The issues are brought to light during illness, they already existed, they are just magnified during this time.

People’s characters are exposed during chronic illness. Ours and theirs!!!

When our minds can accept this a bit more, we lean into the problems and grow from them. Yep, even on top of the illness issues. I know, it feels like too much. That is where the mind can help us more than we realize. Our state of mind matters.

Keep Moving

You are going to feel awkward and backward during chronic illness, keep moving. Move your body and your mind in new ways. When we visualize the health journey as a growth experience, it is all worth it.

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