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Change Your Brain, Change Your Health

No this is not about having enough positive thoughts to make everything better. Nor is it about you choosing your success through sheer willpower. Sometimes NONE of that has anything to do with our brain health. Our brains have taken a direction of their own and we know something is wrong. Question your own thoughts, they may not be yours. NFL players are taking charge of this concept, so can the chronically ill.

During chronic illness, our bodies take a direction of their own. So why can’t we accept that the brain is part of the body and just maybe not every thought is ours?

Just like our bodies during chronic illness, we can get our brains on a healing path and get some of the nonsense out of our heads.

It is all a bit tricky because brain damage can arise from different sources. Head injuries can cause significant brain damage. Different diseases can cause brain damage. Even living life in this toxic world can cause brain damage.

There are many reasons why our brains do what they do. Let’s work on cleaning up what we can in our brains to make for a more comfortable thought life which brings us much better health overall.

Options That Work

There are many ways of going about this. I suggest using as many of these as you can, they work.

  1. Brain Scan – to obtain the current facts
  2. Science of Thought – Brain Plasticity – understand that your brain is pliable and may be healed by a methodical process
  3. Your Brain on Parasites – this one is wild but legitimate – we all have parasites and if they get in your brain, they can alter your thinking and behavior

1. Brain Scans

This is where the NFL comes in. They have finally acknowledged and are actively working on the brain health of their players. Dr. Daniel Amen is in large part to credit for this attention on brain health. He was a doctor for the NFL and observed the difficulties of players due to head injuries. He ran with it…

NFL Study

The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans | Dr. Daniel Amen (the NFL doctor)| TEDx

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life | Dr. Daniel Amen(the NFL doctor) | TEDx

2. Science of Thought – Brain Plasticity

Your brain is designed to change but we have to grow those new brain cells. We are in control of growing our own brains. You can change your brain with your mind.

I love love LOVE this one. Our brains are pliable = brain plasticity = we can change how our brains work, literally.

I have paid the $29 for the step-by-step Brain Detox by Dr. Caroline Leaf to walk me through it. I have very methodically taken the 7-15 minutes a day to change my brain and I can say, IT WORKS.

I suggest listening to her for FREE on YouTube and then sign up for her $29 program that will change your brain when you follow it.

Read Dr. Leaf’s book, Switch on Your Brain: The Key to Peak Happiness, Thinking, and Health

  • Switch on Your Brain: The Key to Peak Happiness, Thinking, and Healthaudio
  • Switch on Your Brain: The Key to Peak Happiness, Thinking, and Healthaudio CD
  • Switch on Your Brain: The Key to Peak Happiness, Thinking, and Healthpaperback

Science of Thought | Caroline Leaf (neuroscientist) | TEDx

3. Your Brain On Parasites

I know, WHAT???? Yes, we all have parasites but some of us have them in our brains which alters our thoughts and behavior. No, I have not lost my marbles.

A parasite cleanse (like Full Moon Challenge) can prove it to you. As parasites are cleared out of the body, we can gain back more “normal” thinking and behavior.

I thought it was a far-out concept as I was going through it myself until I read more research backing up what I was experiencing through the parasite cleanse. My brain was healing, my thinking became clearer and I could feel the changes in personality.

A fun and fascinating read is “This is Your Brain on Parasites: How Tiny Creatures Manipulate Our Behavior and Shape Society”

  • This is Your Brain on Parasitesaudio
  • This is Your Brain on ParasitesKindle
  • This is Your Brain on ParasitesMP3 CD
  • This is Your Brain on Parasitespaperback

The author, Kathleen McAuliffe, also wrote an article for Discover, How Your Cat is Making You Crazy, that is fascinating. I don’t like the title of the article because it is about your brain on parasites SO much more than anything to do with cats!! Highly recommend reading the article.

Keep It Simple

Does your brain hurt from realizing you have a lot of work to do on your brain? Then work on the basics first that affect your brain health.

  • Community – the better quality of people we hang out with the better our brains function and the longer we live (caring, compassionate, open-minded, loving, supportive people)
  • Learning – every day use it or lose it, challenge your brain daily
  • Food is Medicine – your diet can feed your brain
  • Sleep – your brain resets and drains during restorative slee

Have fun using your brain to experiment with brain health.

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