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Using Our Black & White Senses, Dandelion Color

color of life, using our black and white senses, dandelions

What would happen if we took all color out of our life and everything was in black and while? We might feel dull and lifeless… until we adapted. Then we would see life in a whole new way, adding in our own colors. Chronic illness has a way of taking color out of our lives. So let’s have some fun putting it back in.

Some of you have already been doing Black & White Senses exercises. With the interest in it, I decided to share some of the series with all.

A dandelion is a great place to start. It blooms with its brilliant yellow flower and then turns into a white fluff that easily gets blown by the wind.

Kind of like how we feel when we are in the depths of chronic illness.

We miss the color we use to have, our energy, our drive and exuberance for life. It actually feels like illness has sucked the color of life right out of us.

We are easily blown in the wind from doctor to doctor, endless drugs or supplements, treatments and people who do not begin to understand how poorly a human body can endlessly feel.

The months can turn into years and the color of life has turned to black and white.

We have a choice to make. Do we stay in this colorless world or do we discover our own color?

I know, black and white really are colors. You will miss the point if you get all technical on me!! This is meant to bring a smile to your face and color to your world so try to embrace the experience.

A Colorless View – The White Dandelion

We are supposed to have basic senses; smell, taste, sight, touch, hearing. Along with a sense of balance and of time.

And then life happens… Whether it is chronic illness, childhood trauma, adult trauma, the onslaught of endless negativity, or our fast-paced lives, it can all lead to loss of color and vitality.

Instead of regrets or blame, let’s move forward and put the color back into our lives.

How To Bring Color Back – The Yellow Dandelion

We can use black and white to come back to life and see the color in our lives, illness or not, it is there.

One easy and fun way to reconnect with ourselves and our life experiences is to use our Black & White Senses. When we look at a black and white photo, it can trigger our senses to come back to life.

We might look at a black and white photo and see the color of the yellow dandelion. Or we might see the innocence of being a child through a youngster blowing on a white dandelion, we might even remember ourselves again as a child. There are all kinds of things that can stir color back into sight for you…

  • Emotional Responses
  • Memories
  • Basic Senses (including balance)
  • Eye Spy Color
  • Archetypes
  • Generations (a sense of time)

Give it a shot…

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Give Black & White Senses a Try

Part of this series will be provided for free on my website so you can play with it. I will add to it as I can.

The Color of Life Using Black & White Series

One-click Dandelions – The Color of Life Using Black & White Senses

As always, if you have any questions, contact me. My desire is your successful healing journey that is very specific to you.

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