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All I Wanna Do Is Bicycle Bicycle Bicycle

all I wanna do is bicycle, bicycle, bicycle -- cytology of chronic illness

Who remembers Queen? Their song, Bicycle Race, has been spinning in my head this last week. Can you tell by my lame “spinning” joke that I wannnna do something more than my body can handle? I am not getting to do what I want; not going as fast as I want, not getting down the bicycle path as I expected? Queen got me out of my head and back into a smile today. This is not a bicycle race, this is a journey.

Another One Bites The Dust

Just when I am ready to win the bicycle race, I bite the dust, AGAIN.

No, it really isn’t that bad but I am trying to be funny (which I sincerely don’t know how to be a funny person). I might be the funniest person I know but REALLLLLY, I live too much in my own mind.

To get out of my head, let my body rest, be at peace AND with a smile on my face… I need something entirely goofy. Queen is doing it for me today. Mozart and Beethoven might be tomorrow, seriously!!


Yep, I am actually proud to be a ding-a-ling. How else am I going to get my giggles??

Queen’s song Bicycle Race has a couple ding-a-lings in it, about half way through the song.

I remember the sound of an old-fashioned bike bell. It politely says, “Get out of the way, here I come.”

I am shocked at the progress my body has made healing from chronic illness. But my mind thinks I can get in bicycle races with healthy queens and dudes. My body is not there yet. I still need to rest, be still at times and be at peace with exactly where I am today. Celebrating the healing that has taken place but accepting reality of the moment.

Under Pressure… No More

Life comes with pressures, like chronic illness. We don’t have to live UNDER the pressure, we can rise above it with our attitudes and growth (and really lame jokes).

We Are The Champions… NOW

So lame (but it is making me smile). Being a champion of the world does not mean perfect health, perfect life. Let’s enjoy being champions of the world because we have not only endured chronic illness, we have survived and grown from the experience. Even if you are still in the heat of the battle, YOU ARE A CHAMPION because you have made it this far. What more of a champion is there????

We Will Rock You… So Soon

Still lame but rock and roll with me… I am so close, can taste the freedom of health that will stick around. My brain now works, my body is cooperating SO much better, and I can see that I will soon be free and clear to be able to rock with this world in the way I desire.

You too are making your way through chronic illness and in due time, will get to rock your world as well with your dreams and desires.

Thank you Queen for getting me out of my funk.

Obviously they have helped others get out of their funks as well — almost 1 BILLION views…

More of Queen

I wasn’t done listening to Queen after the bicycle song. Had a ball with Queens official YouTube channel playlist…

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