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Pooping Monsters

pooping monsters

Pooping monsters!!! Might as well make fun of the critters that are wreaking havoc on our health while we move them out and flush them away. Take full advantage of your natural drainage and detox pathways with the Poop Pack (discount code in the blog). Let’s get moving…

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TUDCA Plus Has Arrived

TUDCA Plus is here

TUDCA (Tauroursodeoxycholic acid)… what a name. TUDCA benefits are linked to bile, liver and gut health.

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Drainage Funnel #1 Focus on Colon

Headaches, brain fog, stomach aches, soreness, joint pain, fatigue, the list is endless during chronic illness and it is all miserable. What if you could get some immediate relief without medicine? Shrek, John Wayne and Elvis Presley are going to help us understand how. HINT: NO, Elvis is NOT back…

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Drainage Funnel 101

Kill, destroy and remove become a war that cannot be won without proper drainage. We get ahead of ourselves and it takes more time, effort and expense than if we would slow down and do the simple steps of drainage.

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National Poop Day

We have a day for EVERYTHING. Who would have thunk we could possibly come up with a National Poop Day. This event occurs the day after Super Bowl Sunday. In 2020, this is February 3rd. TODAY. I know its nuts. But since all humans share this experience, let’s celebrate with poop-health.

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