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Autumn Adaptations For Better Health

Autumn adaptations for better health

Our bodies are healthiest when they have the ability to adapt. During chronic illness, this can become a joke. Everything has become harder. Every season we have the opportunity to change things up and get our bodies in the adaptation mode, one tiny baby step at a time. This is a fun way to challenge our bodies very gently into better health.

I do seasonal adaptations, all four seasons, every year. It has helped me move through chronic illness and into the cycle of healing. It has created more flow in my body, my thinking and attitude.

Okay, so the 2-3 years that I was in intense pain from Lyme and malaria delirium from Babesia, I was not even able to have told you which season it was, much less do anything about it.

But all the other years and especially since the healing process has kicked in, I am loving the seasonal adaptations that move my health along at a faster rate with less effort. I can feel these efforts taking hold. They are creating a stronger body because of the adaptation “exercises” that stregthen it.

Pushing ourselves, fighting disease, battling relationships because of illness, all the issues of chronic illness usually create warfare that is difficult to overcome without focus. I like using the four seasons as a focal point to calm my nerves, change up as many things as my body will allow, and hit RESET. Strengthen you body through adaptations.

Reset Your Body With Seasonal Adaptations

Texas has had a long hot summer. So far we have not had a day not reach 90 degrees (it is October 4th for goodness sake). So, what do we do with things we cannot change, we adapt!! Those adaptations help our bodies to get out of ruts that keep us ill. They help our bodies get stronger so they can overcome illness.

Here it is, Autumn. What can I do to create change and adaptations so my body can keep growing stronger from the challenge? Heat and I do not get along. Solutions through adaptations…

  • patience for unseasonal heat; practice, practice, practice patience
  • get up earlier to take walks
  • make plans for Autumn whether it is here or not
  • move my desk to have more looks out the window for the change in color of leaves
  • listen for the squirrels running up and down and all around my pecan tree in front of my desk window
  • listen for the nuts and branches that will start falling on my roof when Autumn arrives
  • enjoy the anticipation of cooler weather instead of begrudging the heat
  • people watch out the window – at some, point they won’t be wearing shorts any more!!!
  • I can change my diet to Autumn spices and heated foods (instead of salads and smoothies)

These are all things I can do. They are all within my physical abilities and other circumstances. Whaahooo, I can do this and enjoy the process of adaptation along the way.

Adaptation Requires Effort

Since adaptation challenges our body to get stronger, it makes sense that it requires some effort.

During chronic illness, we do anything we can to make our lives easier, NOT HARDER. I get it but when we choose to step up and take care of ourselves (through effort without chaos or battle) we actually can help to strengthen our own bodies.

It is worth every effort to do what we can to get out of the chronic illness loop.

Making it a battle, all-out warfare is not the answer long term. The goal is to change our lifestyles so that we not only become healthier but we remain healthier once we get there.

Changing our lifestyles is something we have to do for ourselves. It is no one else’s responsibility. If you are blessed with help, support and encouragement ENJOY!! For those of you who do not have such, you can do this on your own, YOU CAN!!

That means, for me, this Autumn;

  • I take responsibility – I step up for myself – I take the effort to practice patience in my own mind, over and over
  • I take responsibility – I step up for myself – I take the effort to get up a little earlier because I need to walk when it is cooler
  • I take responsibility – I step up for myself – I take the effort to make plans for Autumn (I have been taking slow steps to plant an oak tree when it finally cools)
  • I take responsibility – I step up for myself – I take the effort to get my own desk moved to the corner two windows
  • I take responsibility – I step up for myself – I take the effort to be in control of my attitude towards the weather
  • I take responsibility – I step up for myself – I take the effort to pull out the Autumn spices, adjust my meals to Autumn foods, start making warm soups regardless of the weather

I know not all of you have the energy to do all of that. And some of you have more energy than I do to do more. That means, do what YOU can, BUT DO IT. However much or however little it seems, every baby step counts!!!

Do something to take care of yourself in gentle ways. Seasonal adaptations can be a fun way to step up your game for better health.

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