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Valentine’s Flowers For The Chroncially​​ Ill

Instead of focusing on what we don’t have, let’s have a ball during Valentine’s Day with what we do have. Come on… we can make this fun. We can Think Pink!!!! Enjoy a guide to making Valentine’s Day fun, healthy and relaxing for the chronically ill. You can be all alone, ill, and broke… and you can still use this Valentine’s Guide.

If you are the caregiver of an ill person, Think Pink for success!!

If you are the ill person, Think Pink for success!!

If you are a guy or gal, bring some natural beauty into your room for Valentine’s Day.

During chronic illness, we need anything to lift our spirits. Using holidays, like Valentine’s Day, can stir things up and create much excitement for someone who is chronically ill.

We are going to take this in bite size nuggets to reduce stress. One bite at a time and we can find success with our Valentine’s Day.


If you are the caregiver, make a flower plan.

If you are the ill person, make a flower plan.

Chronic illness is dang expensive so this is not about spending too much money. Remember, we can find inexpensive ways around everything.

If you can afford it, buy flowers. Remember that the chemicals in commercial flowers can set off sensitivities for the ill. Think this out. Look for a farmer’s market that will not have the chemical-laden flowers. Some health food stores have flowers that are not chemical-laden.

Can’t afford flowers, go pick some.

If you are the ill person and you cannot go pick some, do an Internet search for pink flowers and look at it daily through Valentine’s Day. Cannot get any less expensive than FREE.

Do For Other’s

If you have the resources (money or energy) use them for the good of others, it will lift your own spirits.

If you do not have the resources but like the idea, go pick some flowers for someone else.

If you do not have the energy, get on the Internet. Find a beautiful picture of flowers and share the link with your loved one who is chronically ill.

When you are aware that someone is chronically ill, send them flowers for Valentine’s Day. It will do you as much good as it does them. It does not have to cost money or much energy.

One bite at a time we are going to Think Pink and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

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