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“Good Days,” What a Joke

When was the last time you could declare a “good day?” Good days are a joke when we are chronically ill. I have gone several years without ONE “good day.” Are y’all having any “good days” through your illness?

People who are not chronically ill have no concept that we can literally go for years without even one single good day.

It stinks!!

I am not one to settle for a stinky life so I am on a healing journey. Doing anything and everything that I can to rise above this most awful experience.

Finally had PART of a good day. This is new to me.

I have done the work and it is paying off big, finally.

I have been on the CellCore Protocol and it is kicking in instead of illness kicking my butt.

Okay, so my “good day” didn’t last all day but I will take the few hours I had and declare victory.

It was victory enough to encourage all of you that it really can happen. There really are people who are recovering from deadly diseases and chronic illness.

It is worth the work, but it takes work. Some are willing to do it for their health. I am one of them and it is paying off and I am tickled.

Iodine is part of the protocol that I am using. After having a really awful case of Hashimotos, I started low and slow on the iodine product and now on a steady dose and reeping the benefits of a healthier thyroid and having SO much more energy. This is what I was talking about in the video.

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