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Tidy Up Damaged Hair From Illness

Hair becomes so lifeless and crazy hard to fix during chronic illness that we want to scream. Cheating works for me!!! You can hide a multitude of damaged hair issues under pearl hair clips. Seriously, you can tidy up that wild hair. Guys, I even have a hair tip for you that does NOT involve pearls and clips!!

Okay, so… when we are in the depths of chronic illness WHO CARES what your hair looks like. You have many more important things to deal with.

Yet, when you start to come out of those depths and you are ready to see daylight, it is time to tidy up a bit but your hair is not ready to cooperate. It has not yet recovered from the beating your body has taken. Give it time and nourishment.

There are going to be days when a ponytail is not enough. You have had a ponytail for months (or years like I did) and you want to feel more presentable. Pearl hair clips are stylish, classy, EASY, and best of all inexpensive.

Now that I am through the worse of my illness and have enough energy to leave the house and face the world, there are still some hair issues. While I wait for my hair to fully come back to life, I am cheating, using pearl hair clips when I leave the house.

This is fun because pearls are pretty, making us feel prettier. Pearls are something different and boy-oh-boy do we need something different during and after chronic illness. And the “clip” part of this makes it SO easy that your hands don’t even have to fully work to be able to pull this one off. AND they are super duper INEXPENSIVE!!!!

This is how I fixed my hair last weekend so I could go out to dinner. I just stuck them in kind-of sort-of randomly because I really did not know what I was doing. It held for hours. No, this is not me in the picture. I couldn’t figure out how to take a picture of the top of my head!!!

My Favorites

Stick-A-Clip, Make A Smile

Sometimes it is the little things that make us smile. Do what you can to find ways to feel like a human being while you are ill. I know that looks take a beating during illness. Hang in there, it DOES get better!!!

Guy Hair Tip

Hair is a huge advantage you guys have over us gals, take advantage of it. Usually, the shorter you wear your hair, the better you feel and look during chronic illness. When it is super short, there is nothing to do with it. And us gals don’t notice the damaged hair from illness (making you appear more attractive).

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