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Drainage Funnel #2 Liver, Bile Ducts, Kidneys

Opening drainage pathways in the body before detoxing is a necessity. If one starts “detoxing” and stirring up pathogens but they are not being drained out of the body, we can cause ourselves more problems. After opening up the colon, we move on to the opening up the drainage pathways of the liver, bile ducts, and kidneys.

Remember, we are using the mental image of a funnel. The bottom of the funnel has to be open and draining for the rest of the contents in the funnel to continue to drain. Colon was Step #1 and must be “open” and draining consistently.

Without proper drainage, toxins and waste accumulate in the body, many of which become reabsorbed.

Time to unclogged the drains, open up this funnel…

The next step is a few organs all bunched together in the same location: Liver, Bile Ducts, Kidneys. They all have different functions but work together.

The liver is the detoxification lifeline for the body. Supporting it will help to wash out the toxins of the whole body. The liver produces the bile, then secretes it through the ducts into the gallbladder for storage.

When we eat, the body triggers a squeezing of the gallbladder to release bile.

The kidneys remove fluid and waste from the body. The kidneys produce urine. The more you support your kidneys, the more effective your can pee can be!

To see the bile ducts, we will take a closer look at the liver…

All these little nooks and crannies in our bodies can get clogged, especially during chronic illness. It may even be what contributed to the disease in our bodies in the first place.

One little tiny itty bit of inflammation in a bile duct can cause discomfort, pain and can slow down the whole drainage process necessary to wash illness out of the body instead of keeping it in. We have several bile ducts that need to be cleaned out, flushed out, and kept open and flowing.

I know this is redundant but when we can have a mental picture of what is going on in our bodies, we can work WITH our bodies. We want tools to support our movement through chronic illness, to a healing path, and out the other side.

Get it Moving…

Peeing and pooping gang!!!! Effectively peeing and pooping is the best way to get pathogens out.

Sweating is another effective drainage pathway but many times when we are bogged down, we do not sweat effectively.

Think Free-Flowing

Your mind helps this process work better in your body. Think Free-Flowing instead of war and “killing.” Think about the toxins, the pathogens, the heavy metals, the Lyme, the disease, the critters, the yuck-and-muck of chronic illness flowing freely OUT of you. Your body is designed to do this process. When we connect our minds to the physical process, it flows so much better.


Supporting the liver and kidneys helps your body to stop working so hard against you and start working for you.

  • Hydration is huge – drink pure clean water – drink half your weight in ounces daily (EXAMPLE: if one weighs 150 pounds, they need to be drinking a minimum of 75 ounces daily of pure clean water)
  • Peeing – don’t hold it, get up and go to the bathroom often
  • Diet matters – the cleaner your diet, the better this will go
  • Support your kidneys and liver with Kidney/Liver Detox – is a BioActive Carbon product that focuses on drainage and immune support throughout the kidney and liver
  • Reduce stress – I know it is hard while ill, but ya just gotta do it!!!

Big Picture

Don’t forget the big picture. Go back and read Drainage Funnel 101. We are on a healing journey, taking one step at a time. Back up and look at the bigger picture of this process. Disease can take time to create in our bodies, so it can take time to resolve. Be patient with your sweet body, it is the only one you have.

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