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No Straight Roads Out of Chronic Illness

no straight roads out of chronic illness

Does not exist – There are no straight roads out of chronic illness. There can be curves, hills and valleys to take on the journey, but no straight paths. When we do not expect a straight road out, we bend with the process and travel the journey with greater ease.

It took your whole life to get where you are. It has taken years to create illnesses. Getting here did not happen overnight.

The decades that have contributed to your chronic illness and pain simply do not disappear because you have eaten a head of broccoli, taken 3 walks, and stopped smoking. Oh my, it takes work, discipline, identifying root causes, acceptance and attitude adjustments to get down this road.

I know, it doesn’t sound like something anyone wants to take on. Those who are willing to take the road to health have to be willing to accept that there is no straight road out. Don’t expect it and then you will be more prepared for the adventure chronic illness takes one on.

It is full of hairpin turns that you would never expect. But you can do it. I have gotten through the worse of it, many others have. It can be done. The twists and turns of the journey are easier when we can lean into it.

The journey of healing comes with hills and valleys as well. I think they are there to keep us on our toes. They give us some well-deserved relief on the mountain tops. Then remind us we are not finished with the healing process as we dip into the valleys.

And the hills are there for us to learn how to roll with the ups and downs instead of the extreme highs and lows.

The twists, turns, hills and valleys are all part of the road that can take us out of chronic illness chaos.

Trust ourselves, our bodies, our dreams, our choices in protocols, takes us through the journey with greater peace.

I know it is hard, but the more we let go of the fairytale that this is a straight road out of illness, the better off we will be on the road to success. It goes faster and with less expense when we let go of the unrealistic expectations and embrace the expectation of a body that was created to heal given the right tools.

Keep your vehicle on the road, nose pointed to the destination and adapt to the ride. Guaranteed, the road will take you places you never imagined. It can change your view and your life for the better in many ways.

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