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Which Wheels Make You Fly?

find your personal wheels so you keep moving through chronic illness

Everyone has their favorite wheels. Some of you can skateboard, I know I can’t. But I like bike riding. Going and blowin’ and getting down the road of life. Which wheels make you fly?

As a teenager, I used to ride my bike several miles to get to tennis practice. I had to balance my tennis racket and can of balls and make it through the Arizona desert to be able to hit a little green ball against a block wall for hours. Typical for a teenager without a vehicle.

The thing that was not typical was that I had Lyme disease and it threw off my balance. At the time I was clueless about all of that but now I completely understand the struggles with basic things like balance.

With so many balance issues, skateboards and such were not even an option. At least I had handlebars on my bike. I had my personal wheels that were just right for me and my balance issues. Or so I thought…

Crash and burn. I cut open my calf and had a deep scar for the next 30 years. With the recent healing of Lyme and other diseases, my scar is no longer to be found. Not even a trace of it. I continue to do intense and deep healing and amazed at the healing journey. Our bodies were designed to heal given the right tools.

I miss riding a bike but I know which mode of wheels I will be returning to. I love the pep of the ding-a-ling that says, “get outta my way, here I come.” In the most polite way, of course.

It has been the thoughts of wanting to ride again that has helped me get through chronic illness. I have had to be willing to find the adventure of illness from bed so that I could grow from the experience. But I never let go of the desire to ride a bike again. Now that I am no longer in bed, time to get on my wheels.

What are your wheels that you picture in your mind? Do you have childhood memories of great fun on wheels? Do you remember wind blowing in your hair?

Whatever you choose as your personal wheels, make it fun. Make it believable so you keep moving through chronic illness.

We can learn so much and grow beyond belief from the experience of illness, but at some point, the goal is to get back on your wheels and fly!! As you think about that, you move toward healing.

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