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Friendships Can Either Imprison Us Or Help Give Us The Key To Be Free – Cycology of Illness

Are your friendships keeping your thinking in imprisonment of illness? Or do your friendships support you during illness? Are your friendships helping give you the key to be free from illness? These can be tough questions.

We get used to our friends, the good, the bad and the ugly. They become part of us. Yet, if we do not stop and examine the health of our friendships we can get stuck in illness simply due to the imprisonment of ill thinking.

What is “ill thinking?”

“Ill thinking” is the mentality that once we are ill, we are doomed. Since we are doomed, we might as well continue a lifestyle that contributes toward illness, it doesn’t matter anyway. We might as well follow the crowd and do what everyone else does during illness, and de-activate our brains, we are doomed anyway. We might as well dumb-down and numb-up.

You get the idea — ILL THINKING.

When we hang around people who have that mentality it is dang hard not to get sucked in, much less to rise above it.

I know our friendships are important. But so is our life. There might be a time when you have to choose between a destructive friendship that keeps you improsoned in chronic illness or fight for your life and ditch the friendship.

This can be tough stuff.

Consider this – when surrounded by the mentality that once you are chronically ill, you cannot overcome it, then chances are you never will. But, what IF…. you really could overcome the chronic state of illness and disease you are in? What if one of the keys to health was BELIEVING you could overcome the illnesses?

Would you then choose to put some friendships on hold so that you could use the freedom key to move through illness?

When we are chronically ill, it is a fact, not everyone will understand. Either people have never been chronically ill and do not understand or they are chronically ill and they have given up hope themselves.

Heck, I know this sounds harsh. But… this is your life we are talking about. Keep going down the chronic illness path and someday it will take your life.

I know how difficult it is to believe that there is a way out. I know the hard work that it takes to walk out of chronic illness. Is it worth it, heck yeah it is!!!! Even at the expense of some friendships, it is. I know that is a tough one to swallow.

Our brains adapt to our environment (our community of friends and family). When we are constantly around the negativity of it all, our brains start to automatically go to negativity also. This is a time to request naysayers to stand aside, move out of your way. You have your life to fight for and it is worth the fight.

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