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Sleep Struggles

The “how-to” sleep articles are all helpful but I am struggling with sleep again. How do we know which sleep articles to follow? It is taking some methodical manipulation to conquer quality sleep. Everyone is so different and circumstances are different that there is no black-and-white list that applies to all. Quality sleep is so crucial to healing from a chronic illness that I am willing to stop, regroup, and figure this out. When all else fails, use my brain!! Continue reading Sleep Struggles

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Stop the Roller-Coaster-Ride of Chronic Illness

How does one get off the roller-coaster-ride of chronic illness and pain? If I could put the answer in a pill I would be a billionaire overnight. There are too many who are suffering through this miserable ride.  Healthy people who have not experienced this ride cannot begin to imagine. Instead of trying to make others understand, let’s look at ways to get off the ride in an attempt to find some steady ground.  Continue reading Stop the Roller-Coaster-Ride of Chronic Illness

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Feed Your Freak

If you are a control freak I have some great tips how to feed your freak using daily walks. This morning my “freak” came out as you can see in my nutty picture. I usually try hard not to be controlling but this time I think it can be beneficial. Realizing that I was manipulating my environment and choices this morning, I thought about how many ways we can control our daily walks.

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Healing Balm of Kindness

Deep cuts and burns are slathered with an ointment (or a balm) to relieve the sting and prevent infection. Those balms are expected to aid in the healing process. Balms and band aids are not the healers, our bodies are, but they can assist in the healing process. Your kindness can be a healing balm for others as well.

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Abundance is a powerful resource to notice. Sometimes it is hard to see but when we look hard enough it is there. This morning I felt covered in abundance as the rising sun was shining through my bedroom window and I could hear the birds chirping. What a way to wake up every morning. No matter where our bodies are located on this planet, once a day, every day, the sun rises. I am fortunate to live in a rural town with lots of trees that the birds love so they fill my ears with their songs every morning.  I have enjoyed early mornings in this atmosphere. It reminds me that regardless of what is going on in life, there is an abundance to be seen and heard if I just dare to notice.

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