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Healing Balm of Kindness

Deep cuts and burns are slathered with an ointment (or a balm) to relieve the sting and prevent infection. Those balms are expected to aid in the healing process. Balms and band aids are not the healers, our bodies are, but they can assist in the healing process. Your kindness can be a healing balm for others as well.

It is so simple, we have heard it a million times, share an act of kindness. The message has gotten out but the need for kindness has not been eliminated. As long as there are humans there will be a need for more kindness. So here comes another kindness message.

Surely you have heard about the puppy, the poor innocent puppy that got kicked for no reason at all. It all started with the paper boy who had a flat tire on his bicycle so he had to walk that day to deliver his papers and they were too heavy for him. One house at a time he tossed the papers from the sidewalk but they did not make it as far as usual. So a wife had to go out in her robe and slippers to hunt it down and she stepped in bubble gum. Frustrated she went in the house and flung the paper in front of her husband sitting at the kitchen table knocking over his coffee in his lap sending him to change. Late for work this husband growls at everyone as he makes his way to his office. He spends the day in a bad mood and his timid secretary gets the brunt of it. She tries to shake it off before she gets home but the kids left their bikes in the driveway, again. As she walks through the front door with bags of groceries all the kids run to her feet and one of the bags rip and of course it is the bag with the eggs. She makes dinner with screaming kids, a playful puppy and the television barring. She sends the puppy outside and it hangs on the screen door winning. Through the piercing noise all she can think about is the unfair treatment from her grumpy boss. Her husband comes home and he also had a bad day and he is hungry. Without any patience of his own he grumbles about dinner not being ready on time. The wife serves him a pot of boiling water and runs away in tears. The husband clueless as to what just happened now has hurt feelings and makes a snide comment to the kids about their mother. The kids are now upset because no one talks about their mamma that way! The young boy runs outside and kicks the puppy blocking the doorway. So, exactly what did the puppy do to deserve that?

In the story of life you can see where things just go wrong and there is no one to blame. A bad series of events can grow faster than a snowball in an avalanche. You could waste your time blaming the paper boy for not getting the paper to the front door. Or you could give the next grumpy person you encounter the benefit of the doubt and show an act of kindness. If any one of those people in the story could have shown an act of kindness towards the other the healing balm on the wound could have spared the puppy and many people in between. We have the ability to choose a healing balm of kindness that soothes the soul and saves the poor puppy.

Cover each other tenderly with the healing balm of kindness. You never know how deep of a wound you are healing.

Recently who have you been able to soothe with your act of kindness?

Maribeth Baxter, MBEC

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