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Attention Span of a Goldfish

The average attention span of a goldfish is 8 seconds and a human’s is 7 seconds. What the heck!!! Well, here we are, limited attention span AND brain fog and chronic illness and frustrations galore. And we are supposed to concentrate on healing????? Hang in there, even a goldfish can take it 8 seconds at a time.

Scientists have discovered that even a goldfish can hold a thought for longer than us humans can! I didn’t find those studies for you, couldn’t focus!!!

All joking aside, we all have short attention spans and chronic illness makes it even worse.

Sometimes we have to accept where we are to be able to move through the problems, like chronic illness.

I know it is frustrating and you cannot believe how mushy your brain has gotten. That’s okay. We can work with 7-8 seconds at a time.

Best Thinker Time

Identifying your best thinker time will make your whole day go better.

Mine was always in the morning about 30 minutes after I woke up. When I was at my worse, I knew I had a 20-minute window of a chance at having a logical thought. Then as I went through years of healing, it gradually increased. Slowly I went from 20-minutes to an hour, then to two hours, then to 3 p.m. and then finally I was able to actively engage my thinker until 6 p.m.

  • I had to learn how to feed my brain and body to make this happen
  • Had to nourish and hydrate
  • Had to get adequate sleep so I had a chance at a moment of clear thinking the next day
  • I had to be on a protocol that worked for my body to move me through illness instead of getting stuck in it

It was a slow process but brain focus can change as we deal with the issues.

When is YOUR best thinker time?

Thinker Time Into Action

Put your best thinker time into action…

  • Sort medicine/supplements during your best thinker time to reduce errors
  • Use this time to concentrate on making a tall glass of water and putting beside you because the more your mind turns to mush, the more we forget to drink
  • Use this time to make a healthy meal because you won’t feel like it later
  • Make phone calls during this thinker time so you have a better chance at keeping up in the conversation
  • Set aside decision making only during this thinker time so you make the wisest decisions possible
  • Driving is always done best during thinker time to reduce risk
  • Reading is easiest during thinker time to hopefully retain anything
  • Anything that is important to you, do during thinker time

Let Go When Thinker Is Done

I remember those years of intense illness very well when my attention span was pitiful.

My brain would feel like it literally “filled up.” It was a physical sensation of fullness. There was no more room in the inn!! I eventually learned that it was inflammation building up daily. At night time, my glymphatic (brain drain) system would “drain” and that is why my mornings provided some thinker time. Then the inflammation would take over, “filling” my brain and shutting down my thinking.

When we see these kinds of patterns, we can more easily accept that for the moment, this is the way it is. We can let go of beating ourselves up for not having more brain power. When your brain is all filled up for the day, it is okay to let go and try again tomorrow.

Naps during the day can be mini-resets for the brain to relieve some of the pressure on it.

While you are chronically ill, do the best you can to challenge your brain to keep it active and also know when to rest your brain to reduce stress.

Coloring Book – Goldfish

I tested MY attention span by making you a coloring book on goldfish. It is FREE. One-click download.

Coloring is a way to exercise the brain in a gentle way.

FREE coloring book – just click

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