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Stay In Your Lane During Chronic Illness

Cycology of chronic illness - Stay in your lane

Pick a lane, any lane, and stay in it for a while. Seriously!!! Our minds and bodies go into a spin when we tell it to do too many things at the same time. For most of us, a healing journey is a process and not an overnight transformation. As we take baby steps, in time, we get down the path more effectively.

Our heart and mind may want instantaneous health but our bodies rarely go along with too many directions at the same time.

Most with chronic illness have tried taking on too many steps at the same time and get frustrated.

Think about it… Trying to eat healthily, stop all vices, restructure relationships, stop watching so much TV, cut back on social media, go to bed at 9 and kill all disease in the body at the same time. It is way too much.

What I love about chronically ill people is that many are willing to put forth the effort and make the lifestyle changes that are needed to get better. But so many get bogged down when they take on more than what their minds and bodies can handle at one time.

Pick A Lane

Pick a lane and stick with it to allow your body to adapt. Then pick another and then another and another. It builds on itself, getting us down the healing path with more ease.

Changing your diet might be an obstacle that you are not willing or able to face at the moment. Move on to something else instead of spinning in circles.

Pick something that creates movement and stick with it until you see progress. Then switch lanes, add another healing practice and get even farther down the path.

Clean Up ONE Thing At A Time

Cleaning up ONE thing at a time helps us stay focused and on the healing path.

When we go too many different directions at the same time, we can be telling our bodies confusing things.

  • When we are in the “killing” mode (Lyme, cancer, etc.) we can forget to be nice to ourselves, creating a warm and friendly healing environment, as opposed to the war zone.
  • When we are heavy-metal-detox focused and forget the importance of drainage, we can recycle toxins and never get out of the loop.
  • When we become legalistic about every bite of food we eat, we lose sight of the complexities of what food means to our minds. Food nourishes us in many ways other than sustenance.
  • When we become supplement focused we can expect the pills to “cure” us instead of taking the time and energy to do all the work necessary to heal. Most of the time it takes several lanes of healing modalities to create true health.
  • When we are in the self-blame mode we think we should have super-human strength to overcome things like food cravings when it may be parasites wanting to be fed instead of somethign that is within your power.

We can spin in circles not getting anywhere. Remember that we are humans and our bodies need tender loving care and patience to change directions from disease to health.

By focusing on one lane at a time we clean up and lessen the load on our bodies that keeps us ill.

  • Self-talk — listen to yourself, are you being kind to yourself so that your body can accept the help it needs?
  • Drainage — make sure you have proper drainage in place so that you are able to release the pathogens that come with illness
  • Clean diet and water sources — make the effort to clean up anything you can to lessen the toxic load on your body that keeps you ill
  • Support — are your organs receiving the specific support they need to heal, are you receiving emotional support that you need, are you receiving nutrients that you need, are you being supported in every way that you need???
  • Chemical Toxicity — get familiar with the onslaught of chemicals that are in household cleaning products and body/skin care so that you can replace them with more natural products to lessen the toxic load
  • Supplements — get familiar with quality supplements that actually work so you are not wasting your money and time
  • EMF exposure — get familiar with what it is and DO something about it in YOUR environment
  • Mold exposure — get familiar with what it is and do a simple home test, proceed if there is a problem
  • Parasite cleanse — take time to focus on a true parasite cleanse that will help you release pathogens that parasites hide and hold on to, keeping you ill
  • Heavy Metal cleanse — we live in a toxic global society that creates a heavy metal load that can keep us ill
  • Mind/Body work — take time to heal the mind and soul as well as the body to lessen the toxic load on your body that keeps you ill
  • Oral health — using a biological dentist can help you safely deal with the onslaught of dental and oral issues that many chronically ill people have
  • Keep YOU — this is not a killing disease spree that removes the YOU from YOU, keep yourself in sight at all times

As you can see, if you took it all on at one time, it would be too much.

We are human beings with limited health, wealth and energy. By breaking it down into one lane at a time you will get down the healing path with more ease.

Focusing on one lane at a time, methodically, moves us forward.

Make your own healing list. List the different “lanes” that you need to take to get where you want to go with your health. Start at the top of the list. Stay focused for a while so you can conquer each lane. Then move on to the second lane, and so forth.

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