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Just Smile Days During Chronic Illness

There are days during chronic illness that all we can do is smile. That alone is the sum of our effort toward moving forward, a smile. Just a simple smile is the goal of the whole day. If you have been ill, alone, homebound, or worse, you know what I am talking about… just a smile.

Keep it simple, just a smile.

That is the total goal for some days.

That one single action IS ACTION.

It moves you forward.

Cycology Of Chronic Illness is using your mind to realize that you can move forward, through chronic illness. As your mind grasps the baby steps you are making, you move forward so that you do not get stuck in it.

I know how slow and frustrating it can be to move through chornic illness. Smiling helps us find joy in the baby steps.

Smiles help us deal with the fears and sorrows of life. Not to disregard them, to endure them with grace.

Need help mustering up a smile? Watch a funny movie (even if you are alone). Get laughing at something completely ridiculous. Not willing to laugh, just smile.

One of my favorite ways to smile is Nat King Cole – SMILE (Capitol Records 1954)

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