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Don’t Overthink It, Keep Moving

keep moving through chronic illness, don't overthink it

What about you? Do you overthink like I overthink? Does it keep you from moving forward like it does me? Let’s stop overthinking… but be smart and wise and free to move forward.

My stars can I overthink.

Some people don’t think enough and just blindly follow the crowd. Others think way too much and too long and get stuck.

During different times of our lives, we can find ourselves at either end of the spectrum. Finding the correct balance for the moment is the hard part. During chronic illness, we are provided the perfect opportunity to discover our unique sweet spot with this.

Thinking is good. Thinking can get us out of messes. Using our brains can help us understand how the body works and doesn’t work. The more we use our brains the more we can understand disease and health.

To walk out of chronic illness, we must use our brains. When we take responsibility for our health by using our brains, we sometimes get stuck in that particular rut and start to overthink.

The more we use our brains and our thinkers, the more stuck we may get.

At some point our thinkers are thinking too much, too hard, and just going in circles.

Sometimes we literally have to get out of our own way so that we can keep peddling forward. At some point we have to trust that we’ve got this. We are doing the right things to help ourselves, we don’t need to keep overthinking.

There is freedom in knowledge and there is freedom in NOT overthinking.

Find your unique balance for this moment in time. The balance keeps you on the bicycle that keeps you moving forward. Tomorrow may be different.

P.S. Right after I hit “publish” to this post, I stood up, went into the kitchen with my revived Don’t Overthink attitude and floppppped. I was so carefree that I forgot to pay attention to the superfood powders I put in my smoothies. I just poured out a bit of each into the mixer along with my fresh produce and blended. Well… until my second or third gulp, I did not realize that I must have poured a “stay-fresh pouch” in the mix. As I was pulling chunks of the pouch out of my mouth I thought about all of you. There simply are no easy answers. We can overthink and we cannot think enough. I had to pour all of the rest of my smoothie down the drain so I did not ingest any more of the chemical bag. I had to take 2 BioToxin Binders to try to catch any of the chemicals in my body. And I had to accept that there are no easy answers to moving forward at all times. There WILL BE some backward steps. We are all simply doing life together!!

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