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Cycle of Suffering Because We Think Life Is Supposed To Be Fair

We suffer needlessly until we fully understand that life simply is not fair, never has been, never will be, not here on earth. Some people will be stricken with chronic illness and others won’t. It is not fair, that simple. Getting back on the bicycle and moving forward requires that we accept this fact.

Just because it is a fact does not make it easy to accept.

Accepting the fact that life is not fair helps us relax into the situation of chronic illness so that we can move forward, and hopefully out of it.

Sometimes we have to stop, see some of the basic facts of life, accept that it is a reality for ALL people that life is not fair, then move on.

This works with chronic illness as well. Using our minds (Cycology of Chronic Illness) to help us see where we are stuck can move us forward.

Our bodies have a greater chance of healing from the physcial when we can heal the emotional.

There is a secret wisdom-of-the-ages
that holds the key to breaking our
cycle of self-imposed suffering.
The secret wisdom is, “Life is not supposed to be fair.”
This is not sad news. This is GLORIOUS news!
Life is not broken. Nothing is wrong.
God has not failed, died, or gone on vacation.
The world is working perfectly. We just misunderstood.
Somewhere along the way, someone got the idea that
life was “supposed” to be “fair,”
and all the trouble started –
expectation, disappointment, resentment, anger –
a whole cycle of suffering that began
with the belief that life is “supposed” to be “fair.”

~ Jonathan Lockwood Huie

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