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4th of July is Great Fun with Red, White & Blue Berries

4th of July BERRIES

Berries go wild on the 4th of July!! Make a healthy delight so you have something to take to your Independence Day adventures. The chronically ill are chillaxing into the slower rhythms of healing with fun food that is perfectly acceptable for the ill.

While you are ill, keep things simple. This one can’t be more simple and healthy, BERRIES for the 4th of July!!

Can Do Attitude

I know you don’t have the energy to do much. Figure out what you can do, not what you can’t do.

Bringing red, white, and blue into the 4th of July festivities cannot be easier than this.

Think RED — Cherries, raspberries, strawberries, red grapes.

Think WHITE — coconut and yogurt. Vanilla coconut ice cream or greek yodurt (organic of course) with red and blue berries on top!!

Think BLUE — Blueberries, blackberries, purple grapes.

Red and blueberries from your local grocery or farmer’s market. Pick them up, rinse them off and put them in a white bowl. Whalaaa, super easy, super healthy, super fun way to feel like you have contributed to the holiday while you are ill.

Get creative and easy — use three-part white plastic for outings to create the red/white/blue. Simply pour fresh berries in this!! Can’t get any easier and patriotic.

Smoothies for all. Make a coconut and vanilla smoothie (the white part). Add whole blue and red berries on top. Everyone will enjoy the cool fresh drink.

Remember to keep YOUR food healthy to get through the day. Berries have some natural sugar. Add a healthy fat and a healthy protein (nuts & seeds) and your blood sugar levels will thank you.

Fresh Air and Fire Works

If you can tolerate the heat, get out there and enjoy.

You can sit through it to help with the physical limitations.

If you cannot take the heat, go for a drive right at dusk in an air-conditioned vehicle. Park in a spot where you will be able to see the fireworks from the window. Then get yourself back home and into bed.

You will feel like you are “independent” just by the sheer fact that you were able to go on a holiday adventure.

If you are truly stuck in bed but want to celebrate, read a little 4th of July History by PBS.

Mind-Body Holidays

Berries to the rescue for 4th of July. Take the stress out of having to bring something to an event, take red and blue berries. Take the stress out of your diet restrictions, eat berries and yogurt and nuts. Remove the stressors so you can enjoy the fun.

How we perceive things helps us move through chronic illness with more ease. The more we can see our cups half full, the more peaceful at heart we will be. The more peaceful we are, the less we are stressed and the quicker we can move out of illness.

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