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Get To Your Local Farmer’s Market

farmer's market, fresh real food

This is the season to get to your local farmer’s market for some of the freshest food you will ever taste. Farmer’s markets are a grand adventure for me. I enjoy every minute of the fresh air, sunshine, and pure food. The people aren’t so bad either!!

What a fun way to get out of the house if you are chronically ill. It is not as overwhelming as a grocery store and farmer’s markets provide better produce, in general.

Get to gabbing with your local farmer about how they grow their crops. Many will not have a certified organic label, but are maintaining such practices to provide you with chemical free produce.

Farmer’s markets carry a variety of food that is usually specific to the local farmers.

They might have a farmer who makes local honey.

They might have a farmer who makes fresh pure cheese.

Give it a shot and see what you come up with. Try new things. Farmer’s markets are a great place to experiment with food you have never tried before. You can purchase a small amount of a wild looking plant and give it a shot. Ask the farmer how they prepare it and go home and explore the possibilities with fresh pure food.

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