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Keep Moving

“I just want to crawl under the covers, take a pill and make it all go away.” Are you familiar with the herculean effort it takes to keep moving while chronically ill? Whether you can physically move or not, your mindset can be one of movement. Simply choosing to wake up and try another day is the first step as we all keep moving through chronic illness. Without movement, no one would ever get healed!!

It is wild that it is that simple (yet SO hard).

Every single morning when we wake up we have a choice.

Are we going to face the illnesses and obstacles we have and deal with it, or are we going to give up.

Makes no difference what the choices were a year ago, or even yesterday.

Today is a new day and we have the choice TODAY to keep moving through this.

If your body can physically move, move it.

If your body cannot physically move, you have the ability to move your mind. Activate your mind!!!!!!

Get a mind picture of movement.

Use CYCOLOGY to get some traction so we can all keep moving through chronic illness instead of getting stuck in it.

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