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Not Everything Is Worth Figuring Out

Exactly who said we have to figure out everything?? Not everything is worth figuring out. Some things are better left alone.

I attempted to figure out why I get so overwhelmed. It would have been interesting to know if I was suffering from anxiety and/or panic attacks or if it was simply physical overwhelm. Sounded like a great idea until I tried to dig in.

There were too many variables. Trying to figure it all out got more overwhelming than the overwhelm!!!

Not everything is worth figuring out.

I am so okay with letting some things just be, without all the answers.

When To Let Things Be

  • When figuring it out is more overwhelming than the problem itself
  • When figuring it out will not produce different results
  • When trying to figure it out for someone else’s benefit, not ours

Figuring out the exact cause of my physical overwhelm in social situations does not change any facts.

  • I still desire to be around people
  • I will still strive to bust through any of this isolation as I can
  • I still will be as cautious as I need to be for safety reasons
  • I still don’t give a hoot what the reason is, I want to be around people and willing to look odd when I get overwhelmed

When Exhaustion Kicks In, Rest

Woke up feeling exhausted and no energy to face having to get ready, drive to the group, and deal with others.

There are just times when we are so exhausted from illness that we simply need rest. Even if it is first thing in the morning.

Not only does illness wear us to the bone, but add a healing cleanse to rid a body of pathogens, Lyme, parasites, viruses, bacteria, mold, metals, chemicals, etc, etc — one can get waves of exhaustion that has to be dealt with.

I know that The Amazing Protocol has turned my health around, but I am not quite done yet. There are still waves of intensity that make my body work extra hard, creating exhaustion. It has to be dealt with while trying to deal with scheduled social activities.

Getting around people is very important, so I chose to go to the group and just drag myself through it. I knew I was not in any danger, I was just exhausted more than usual.

When I got home, I climbed in bed and slept for hours and hours and hours. Not sure I remember anything until the next day.

In my hours in bed sleeping it off, I could have cared less what the label was for the stress I feel in social situations!! I was able to get to the group, enjoy the ladies, get home and crawl in bed. Pure victory that I wanted to enjoy.

Sometimes it is just time to get rid of worrying about labeling things. Finding success in the little things like working our way through isolation can be a bigger priority that finding another label for a problem.

How are you doing with isolation? Even if you cannot leave the house, find something that works for you to have human contact. If you cannot do it in person, write a note, call someone, join a safe social media group.

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