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Fake It Till You Make It Attitude

Good attitudes do not cure all disease and fix all problems so don’t tell me to have a better attitude!! Oh stars, we struggle while we are ill. While we are chronically ill we sometimes have to just simply have to fake-it-til-we-make-it. Faking a good attitude puts us in a better position to make it.

I talk to a lot of ill people and I have yet to meet anyone who truly had a constant good attitude while being chronically ill. I know I surely didn’t.

We all know that we “should” have good attitudes to lift our spirits and move us forward. But WHERE exactly do we find these good attitudes when it is so stinking hard to walk through chronic illness?

We FAKE it!!!!

Seriously… When we cannot muster up a good attitude, fake it.

Simply fake it until it appears.

Fake yourself out so that you can present a fake good attitude.

Don’t you sometimes get so frustrated with taking 10 steps backwards when you are putting forth so much effort to move forward that you want to scream????

I choose to fake it until my body catches up when I take those 10 steps backward.

What does FAKE-it-till-you-make-it look like?

When our bodies take 10 steps BACKWARD, fake our attitudes FORWARD.

Pretend that the backward steps did not happen, go to bed with a good attitude assuming the morning will bring different results.

Wake up faking it!!!

Assume that the day will go just fine so that you have the momentum of forward movement.

Then see what happens with your body. Sometimes, your body will catch up with a “fake-it-til-you-make-it” attitude. I know, other times it will not. But if we do not try we set ourselves up for failure.

When it does work, it is a ball. Our faking turns into reality and we end up with a good day out of it.

Put It Into Practice

I put this into practice when my body took 10 steps backwards and I caught my attitude slipping. I chose to fake it when I went to sleep the night before a hair cut appointment that I assumed I could not get to. There was no way my poor body would let me get ready and drive to the appointment.

  • I was aware that my attitude had slipped so I made a choice to FAKE it.
  • I went to sleep with a FAKE good attitude.
  • I woke up with a FAKE good attitude.
  • And I got ready with a FAKE good attitude.
  • Then I started noticing that I did not feel as physically wiped out as I expected.
  • Then some of the FAKE started transitioning into a REAL good attitude.
  • Then I went on my hair cut adventure, with a sincerely good attitude to share with others.
  • I had the most delightful day I have had in years.
  • Ended my day with an attitude of gratitude for all the things that went right instead of the usual frustrations and obstacles on every level. Whoooohoooooo!!!!!

In the video, you will see me talking myself into a good attitude, a FAKE one. It was the fake-it-till-you-make-it attitude that got me out the front door and available for the best day I have had in years.

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