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Detox Vagus Nerve With Essential Oils

To prevent blocks to the detoxification process, it requires proper nutrients, energy, and optimal organ function. While we are chronically ill, that is a lot to ask out of our bodies. Using essential oils on our vagus nerve can help our bodies more efficiently detox, moving us into a healing journey.

Detoxification is our body’s mechanism of mobilizing, neutralizing and eliminating harmful compounds through our sweat, urine, or stool.

Essential oils easily penetrate cells, acting on both the cell wall and within the cell, “causing alterations in its structure and functionality.” This could explain why essential oils are generally effective. ~ NCBI

Essential oils are ideal tools to support detoxification as they can help open our detox pathways.

5 Common Detoxification Blocks Include:

  1. Sympathetic Dominance
  2. Leaky Gut or Systemic Inflammation
  3. Stagnant Bile
  4. Congested Extra Cellular Matrix
  5. Lympathic Stagnation

Detoxification Only Occurs In The Parasympathetic State

When we are stressed, we are in the “fight or flight” mode, the survival mode, called the sympathetic state.

Being chronically ill creates enough stress all in itself to keep us in this sympathetic stressed state, lessening our capability to detox.

“Calming down” or “having a good attitude” or “getting over it” is not the easiest to do when we are dealing with chronic illness. Yet our bodies require “down time” to recover from stress responses.

Do you see the endless loop when we are chronically ill?? It is very difficult to let our bodies know they are not constantly being attacked when we are constantly ill.

We have to find ways to transition our bodies from the sympathetic state to the parasympathetic state, calming our bodies so they can detox and move us out of chronic illness.

Essential Oils On The Vagus Nerve

This parasympathetic response can be triggered by stimulating the vagus nerve with essential oils.

What the heck is a vagus nerve… it is the longest nerve in your body which connects to all the organs of detoxification including the lungs, spleen, kidney, small intestine, liver, gallbladder, stomach, and colon.

“The term “vagus nerve stimulation” (VNS) can be used generally to describe any technique that stimulates the vagus nerve. Left cervical VNS is an approved therapy for refractory epilepsy and for treatment resistant depression. Right cervical VNS is effective for treating heart failure in preclinical studies and a phase II clinical trial. “

~ NCBI, Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Applying the Parasympathetic™ blend on the vagus nerve (behind the ear lobe on the mastoid bone) is a non-invasive and highly effective tool for stimulating the vagus nerve and supporting the detoxification of your vagus nerve.

The Point

The point is… by detoxing the vagus nerve we calm the stress response which lowers the sympathetic stress response that keeps us ill. Using essential oils on the vagus nerve (behind the ear lobe, on mastoid bone on the neck) helps calm and detox, moving us into parasypathetic state which moves us into a healing journey.

Whalaaaa… let essential oils do their job while illness takes a back seat!!!

Ready to get started?

Use pure organic essential oils from a trusted source. Vibrant Blue OIls by Jodi Cohen are some of my favorite focused EO’s.  Parasympathetic™ blend is best for detoxing the vagus nerve and calming the stress response.

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4 thoughts on “Detox Vagus Nerve With Essential Oils

  1. Hello, my daughter has a sensitive cabal nerve that causes her to pass out when she gags or throws up…would these oils help to relive this sensitivity?

    1. Nicole, What is your email address? And is “cabal” nerve spelled correctly? How old is your daughter? Tell me more!

      1. Sorry just saw it autocorrected me…should be vagal or vagus nerve…my email is…she is 13 and it first started when she was five or six..when she vomits she faints..known as vasovagal syncope..I’m trying to research if any oils will help her since it is quite scary for her when it happens. Any info you might have is appreciated! Thanks!

        1. Nicole, Yes, have heard of all this. Will send you email first thing in the morning.

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