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AbsoBLOOMly Wonderful

Spring is here. We can easily lose sight of how absoBLOOMly wonderful it is when we are ill. I know… getting out of bed can be a chore when chronically ill… and I want you to go look at blooming flowers, oh my!!!

Sometimes when we are so ill, we are sucked into the pain and despair of it. I get it. Been there, done that.

And I know that when chronic pain hits on top of chronic illness, no one can simply “have a better attitude” or “see the bright side of things” to rise above it all.

Unless someone has been as ill as some of us have, they cannot understand that there truly are days (weeks, months…) that it is so BLOOOOMly AWFUL that it takes everything just to survive the day.

Okay, so if the real outdoors experience won’t work, think about Springtime in your head. Imagine the colorful flowers blooming, the aroma of Spring, the fresh clean air. Finding a way to say and think “AbsoBLOOMly Wonderful” is the second best thing.

Have an “AbsoBLOOMly Wonderful” Day where you focus on Spring, new beginnings. This Spring may be the one that you are able to make you minds eye more colorful, more “AbsoBLOOMly Wonderful.”

Don’t beat yourself up if you are still in the AbsoBLOOOOOOMly Awful stage of illness and cannot even begin to see the AbsoBLOOMly Wonderful Springtime. Give yourself permission to be exactly where you are with your illness and your emotional state as you work your way through it.

Illness is a time of growth, like Springtime. It can be a time to BLOOM and move out of past hindrances.

How are YOU blooming today???

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2 thoughts on “AbsoBLOOMly Wonderful

  1. I love your title!! 🌹🌻🌼🌸😊

    1. Heard someone else say it and fell in love with it!!

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