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Profound Gratitude

profound gratitude

I have a ton to say about profound gratitude but today is not the day because I am busy being profoundly grateful. Where are you on the gratitude meter?

No matter where one is on their health journey, we can all stop and check where we are on the gratitude meter.

The more grateful we are, the calmer we are. The calmer we are, the more peaceful we become and that creates an environment for healing.

Boy oh boy have I have to practice and practice and practice. When everything was going wrong, everyone abandoned me in my time of need, my body abandoned me and I was at death’s door it was difficult to choose gratitude.

I certainly did not get it right every day but I kept choosing to try. Finding something that I could be grateful for every single day. Just food in the refrigerator is a huge big deal. Heck, a roof over my head is more than what some others have. Air to breath every single day. The fact that the sun comes up every morning no matter what, no matter how bad I felt, no matter whether I could get out of bed or not. The sun was reliable.

See — there is always something to be grateful for. Sometimes we just have to dig a little deeper to identify it but it IS there.

Okay, so…

The floodgates have opened.

Profound gratitude is the best way I can describe it. I don’t remember ever using that phrase before but that is exactly how I have felt for days.

It is not that I deserve it, because I don’t.

It is not that I have earned it, because I didn’t.

Something I hear ALL the time (and have said oodles of times myself) “Life is passing me by, everyone else gets to do life and here I sit, sick, stuck, miserable. When do I get to do life? When will it be my turn?”

Please redefine LIFE…

LIFE happens every single day as we are chronically ill. It does not look like our expectations but it is in the choices we make during illness that life happens.

Chronic illness can be a blessing. It forces us to STOP. Slow ourselves down. Reevaluate everything. Prioritize better. Focus on the important stuff. And choose to step up for yourself, your health, your well-being so that not only do you have a better life but you are better able to serve others.

That is a blessing, not a curse.

Can you honestly say that you are grateful for your chronic illness? It is a tough one to get to but when you do, it opens doors for healing.

Okay, gotta go but gotta say —– I am profoundly grateful for those who stepped up to help me this week, in so many ways, with so much encouragement, practical help, expertise, and prayer. I was truly loved-on this week. Some were complete strangers that helped me move mountains in my personal and health journey. And in my health coaching business!!!

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