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UNfunk Yourself, Get Out Of Your Head

Funk-and-yuck-and-muck of chronic illness makes for a dull you (and me). UNfunking ourselves moves us out of our head and on with our lives, no matter how sick one might be. This is fun, let’s give it a whirl…

I am not a very funny gal so I do not naturally present myself that way. I like everything in the lines, organized, in order. I like when I can put everything in its correct box. Well, life just isn’t that way.

Finding my way out of chronic illness was as challenging emotionally as it was physically.

It took a lot of CYCOLOGY of Chronic Illness to help me see that I had to move out of my head, too much funk-and-yuck-and-muck going on in there!!

Too many rules about food, medicine, supplements, hydration, saunas, sleep, protocols galore.

Our heads start to spin keeping it all straight and getting it all done every day.

But, what about living our lives?

As long as we have breath, we have a life to live.

So… let’s UNfunk ourselves. Let’s move out of our heads once in a while and have some fun.

Find things that you can do that makes NO sense whatsoever, just because you are choosing to get out of your head and live your life, while you have chronic illness.

Let’s get messy and have fun!!!

What does that look like for you?

I cannot even offer many suggestions because this is where I fall short.

Pushing myself to UNfunk and get out of MY head looks like unorganized chaos in the graphics I made for you today.

It means pushing my limits and doing things I normally would not do like mixing colors that normally do not go together and place random things in random places.

It means learning a few new skills on the software that I use to make the graphics. Slowing down to concentrate on something that gets my mind out of the illness vaccuum.

Basically, living life to ME, for today, comes in the form of DRAWING OUTSIDE THE LINES.

Get Uncomfortable To Live Life

Ha, it feels so uncomfortable, but it is actually fun to get out of my head so I could live some of my life.

What are YOU going to do today to UNfunk yourself by getting out of your head?

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