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Too Ill For Treats? Take a Pink Peak

Tired of not being able to eat anything fun? There are times when we are so ill, that no amount of junk is worth it. We can still make it pink for Valentine’s Day and enjoy without any destructive ingredients that send us reeling backward with regret. Take a pink peak…

There are always ways around everything!!

After years of eating healthy and still being very ill, I chose to spend one full year without even one bite of anything that was not nutrient-rich. I mean nothing.

That meant, for a whole year, every single bite had to count for adding pure nutrients into my body.

It was a chore but I found ways to make it fun.

There are fun foods rich in pigment, which provides phytonutrients. Fancy word for “super-duper-healthy.”

Want science cookies?? Phytochemicals as Innovative Therapeutic Tools against Cancer Stem Cells

Pink Phytonutrient Healthy Foods

What are they? They are the rich colors of pink, purple and blues.

  • Berries; strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, gooseberries, cranberries, etc
  • Pomegranates
  • Beets
  • Tomatoes — think red for dinner, pink for dessert!!!!!

The insides of a pomegranate are a burst of pink delight.

Start with a local grocery store or farmers market. Fresh is always best.

If you have someone who will go to a store and hunt down fresh, go for it. Try to get organic produce instead of conventional.

  • When we can find fresh, it is best
  • If that does not work, frozen is the second best
  • The third best is in powdered form (organic source, with NO added ingredients)

Add a scoop of powder into smoothies or an “açaí bowl” and it adds beautiful color to your meal.

Psssst…. açaí is one of the colorful phytonutrients. It is more purple than pink but it is a very fun healthy color.

There… you have a PINK meal that is fun, nutrient-dense and in the Valentine’s Day spirit.

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