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What Courage, Faith & Skills Have You Learned from Chronic Illness?

chronic illness, are you only seeing part of the picture?

Moving forward requires looking at illness from a different perspective. Dr. Randy Michaux said, “During chronic illness, what courage, faith, and skills have you learned.” I love LOVE LOVE this!!!! I know, it is easier to focus on the negative but when we can see past the yuck-and-muck, there are true treasures to be found. Yes, even in the worse of illness and disease circumstances. Give it a shot…

Dr. Randy Michaux D.C., PSC.D. is one of Dr. Todd Watts docs in his Total Body Wellness Clinic in Idaho. Dr. Randy joins the “Live With the Docs” at times and he is a treat. He not only is a wealth of knowledge about the body and the products from CellCore, he is all about emotional detoxing.

Reword your questions to find the exact right answer that we really NEED. Instead of questioning; why this, why that, why me, why now? Ask yourself; During chronic illness, what courage, faith, and skills have you learned? Isn’t he wonderful, seeing the correct side of life and tough experiences?

We get so busy trying to fix ourselves, our illnesses, the diseases, that we forget to slow down. Relax into the situation. Ask different questions that reveal new truths for our lives. Slowing down can speed up health, hmmm, now that’s a different healthy approach.

I am saying all this to remind myself today. There have been many others who have successfully walked through a difficult illness journey and made it all the way to very productive and meaningful lives. There are still days I still need my own words of encouragement!! Oh, that made me laugh. Come so far, been blessed with so many health miracles, still grateful beyond reason!!!

See why I use CYCOLOGY? It even cheers me up!!

Cycology = psychology on wheels

Rolling through chronic illness the very best we can!!


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