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Radiation Revelation, My Story & American Military Story

radiation, radioactive elements, military exposure

Radiation oozing out of me got me to thinking, there has to be a source. People just don’t ooze radiation out of them (who have not had radiation treatments). It is the obvious elephant in the room that sometimes takes me the longest to see. Right under my nose and it takes me 30 years to see it.

I lived and worked at McGuire Air Force Base, which is now well-known for its radioactive elements/hazardous waste. Adding to that, Fort Dix shares a border with McGuire AFB. Fort Dix has been shut down, having hazardous waste which included radioactive elements that can never be cleaned up. I was also living and working there during wartime, increasing exposure. Add extensive worldwide travel on those military aircraft and I have created my own perfect storm for very poor health.

No dang wonder I tested so high for radioactive elements.

I have come so far and done so well with my healing journey that I lost sight of the elephant in the room, radiation oozing out of me from obvious sources.

I have gone from 50 years of undiagnosed and untreated Lyme, 100% heart blockage, all organs shutting down, Hashimottos, mold toxicity, etc. to now being able to function!! I am having so much fun in that healing miracle that I completely lost sight of the radiation issue. When I was tested for radiation last month and it was so crazy wild high, my focused shifted to the WHY.

NOTE: What you are about to read bears no malice towards the U.S. military. Without our military, America could not enjoy its safety, freedoms, and comforts that we do. No disrespect is meant to the military. Do NOT submit any negative comments about the U.S. military, they will not be approved.

Why could I possibly have this high of a radiation problem?

While I was sitting in a training recently listening to Dr. Jay Davidson and Dr. Todd Watts teach, something clicked, I need to think out my radiation issue and intently focus on the source…

First, I looked for the obvious present radiation sources. I live in Texas with radium toxicity in 80 percent of all drinking water. Truthfully I don’t remember ever drinking the tap water since I moved to Texas over 25 years ago. Yet, bottled water sources are sometimes from Texas, so let’s solve that one — distilled water or Reverse Osmosis water. I receive my daily minerals through this natural supplement. I also “structure” my water with MitoATP for additional benefits. I also have a whole-house water filter system at my house which helps with the bathing water.

Done. What else…

Second, EMF’s create a source of “radiation” but are somewhat different than radioactive elements. I know a lot about EMF’s and have been working on EMF reduction for several years with great success in my health. With my recent testing of high radiation, I stepped up the protection from EMF’s even further.

Done. What else…

Here it is. The clencher to the source of my high radiation is from, the elephant in the room…

It was somewhere in one of Dr. Jay’s or Dr. Todd’s patient stories recently that another light bulb turned on, think back to our life experiences. The answer is hidden in plain sight…

RADIATION EXPOSURE. That simple. What have I done during my lifetime that I had very high exposure to radiation? Just because I did not suffer obvious ill-effects during those years of high radiation exposure does not mean it did not greatly affect my health and remain in my body all this time.

Hence, living and working as a civilian at McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey. Sharing a border with McGuire was Fort Dix, a functioning army post at the time. I lived and worked on base for three years. Then purchased a home in a nearby town and lived there another 3 years. They had a history of a nuclear accident (not fully cleaned up) and I was living on top of it!!

What exactly did I think our military does? They fight wars and have misles and bombs and there are bound to be accidents that can never be fully cleaned up. Radioactive waste hangs around for 1,600 years!!!! I was very young, very naive, and excited about the military adventure, never once thinking of how it would affect my health.

This is where I hope that my story will encourage military personnel and families to detox the bad that comes with the experience and celebrate the good that comes from the experience. Just because our exposure is so greatly increased by the military experience does not mean that it is wrong or bad.

Our military keeps us free, safe and comfortable beyond measure.

The start of my military exposure…

Before my New Jersey experience, living on top of nuclear waste, I lived in Arizona where I became familiar with the T-37 (and another trainer I cannot remember the name). Unbeknown to me, my apartment complex was the designated housing for U.S. Air Force military pilots in training at the pilot training base, Williams Air Force Base. When I arrived as a tenant, I had no clue of such.

As a single young female, I had blindly walked into new territory. As I met pilots living in the apartment complex, I was often invited to the base. What young single person would say no to that???

My favorite thing to do on base was the simulator lessons, one-on-one lessons with flight instructors. There were simulators of the two training aircraft that the Air Force used to train their pilots. That was a stinking ball!!!

The more I got invited, the more practice I got.

No clue what the aerobatic maneuver was called, but I would fly straight down towards the earth, the engine would stall, I would do something with the rudder while doing XYZ, and pull up just before crashing to the Earth. At that point, the engine would restart and I would have us safe above the Earth while in control. How stinking cool is that!!! I crashed and burned a bunch but when I finally got it, that was a thrill of a lifetime.

It included doing aileron rolls – The aileron roll is an aerobatic maneuver in which an aircraft does a full 360° revolution about its longitudinal axis. I get dizzy remembering all the fun.

How many times do we do things that increase our exposure to all kinds of “unhealthy” stuff for us? This is part of the life experience. It is part of growing up. Part of being alive and not being afraid to try new things. No regrets whatsoever.

The movie Top Gun came out while I was living in that apartment complex filled with Air Force pilots in training. Hollywood cannot depict what the military experience is truly like, but the movie was fun. And we all have quite different experiences based on our past lives and how we adapt (or don’t adapt).

All that excitement led me to McGuire Air Force base in New Jersey. On goes the story of nuclear waste and radiation exposure galore…

inside military cargo/transport aircraft

How did that particular location have so much radiation exposure?

There were two main factors; 1) the current situation of military travel and wartime 2) along with the past history of a nuclear accident. That is a lot of exposure.

Travel on military aircraft

Travel was a huge part of my civilian life inside the military during a 6 year period of my life. I have to admit, I have had some wildly fun and exciting adventures. Traveled all over the world, seeing countries I never dreamed of visiting. I got up close and personal with the military and natives of many lands.

Yes, these cool experiences came at a price in many ways but that is part of what life is about. I certainly was exposed to chemicals, jet fuel, the radiation left behind by bombs, nuclear waste and other toxins galore. I also went to countries that certainly had their share of parasites and gained that additional exposure. HINT: now every country has parasites, even America!!

When I traveled, I was on one of 3 military aircraft: U.S. Air Force – C-5, C-130, and C141.

The C-5 was the largest aircraft in the world (at the time I was there). It was a thrill to be a passenger on this massive aircraft. It was the only time I got to sit in configured real seats instead of the red jumpseats that I had gotten used to. I remember an “upstairs/downstairs” to this aircraft. The size of it was wildly bizarre.

This video shows the C-5 with bombs being loaded, along with the massive amount of cargo it holds, like a helicopter. Amazing how much can fit inside.

I flew on the C-141 more than the other two. The C141 was the U.S. Air Force’s first major jet aircraft designed to meet military standards as a troop and cargo carrier.

I was able to fly to countries all over the world as long as I was willing to sit in jumpseats, accept a rough ride, not have a bathroom, no food, be overheated on the ground and freeze my tail off at high altitudes. And the destinations could easily change while in flight, so my body would end up places I never dreamed of. Worth it for all the grand adventures!!!

One trip included a ride with the 82nd Airborne, a howitzer (a short large gun for firing shells on high trajectories at low velocities), and military vehicles. I was the only female on that flight and the howitzer was at my feet. Each of the troops had a machine gun with them on the plane. Not sure why I would expect anything different. Humm, military = war = guns!!

During another flight, I was invited up in the cockpit and watched the inflight refueling take place with a KC-135. Gas station IN THE AIR!! More chemicals but boy-oh-boy was it exciting to watch at the time.

inflight refueling – starts minute 4

KC-135 is refueling C-141B while in flight… happened frequently while flying overseas.

KC-135 is refueling C-141B while in flight

Military aircrew is exposed to much more than I ever was…

Cockpit exposure to radiation is high. Traveling on any aircraft, cockpit or not, is higher than normal everyday life on the ground. You can look that up for any aircraft, military or not.

I did enjoy all the invitations I received to sit in the cockpits during several flights. The increased exposure to radiation certainly was worth it.

Detoxing from those experiences within a reasonable timeframe would have benefited my health. Never once did I have the thought at the time.

The Cuba flight – Okay so we were not initially headed to Cuba otherwise I never would have been allowed on the plane. Back then (1987-90 when I was there) Americans were not allowed on Cuban soil. Remember the intense conflict between Cuba and the U.S.? The U.S. military did have a base there, a well-known detention center, named Guantanamo Bay. While in flight, something happened to the aircraft we were on and we had to land. Cuba it was… and there I was. A female civilian at the wrong place at the wrong time??? Instead, I see it as an incredibly unique opportunity.

I was given a 6-foot circle to stand in and not move. There was Military Police guarding me. But I got to be there during a very rough time in our American history with Cuba. I actually still have the picture to prove it.

The Israel flight – lost an engine… Yep, there we were, long flight to Israel and out of the window we could actually see the Tel Aviv airstrip and an engine went out. The C-130 is a four-engine turboprop. With three still working, let’s land!! Well, Israel at the time did not allow American aircraft to land in Israel that needed repairs to get back out. In-and-out or nothing. We had to fly all the way back to the country we came from, can’t remember where. I was more focused on the long flight back over the ocean with one engine out. Jumped on a different military aircraft and did the flight all over again to get to Israel.

There were many other countries, many other stories. Many locations I probably should not have been at. Danger galore. Would absolutely do it all again.

  • Greece during a conflict – so on the streets we had to declare we were Canadians and not Americans for our safety.
  • Isreal bus station there was a bomb threat evacuation — where I was the LAST and ONLY person left at (I didn’t speak the language).
  • Dead Sea – After floating in the Dead Sea, I put my hand in a trash can that hours later was found to have a live pipe bomb. CNN reported on it hours I had left the trash can.
  • Egyptian Air Force, oh my. We walked with luggage in hand to the Egyptian Air Base in the Egyptian desert and somehow talked them into allowing us on an Egyptian military flight into Germany. WHO in their right mind DOES THAT!!!
  • Crossed the Saini Dessert on an Isreal bus for 11 hours, no food no bathrooms. ON the ride, crossing the Saini, seeing the tanks deserted in the sand, we find out that the week before the same bus line had been pulled over because they were carrying Americans, they were KILLED.

Radiation, stressful travel, carrying lifelong Lyme disease and Babesia with me all along with the adventures of living life. Then it was time to add in a wartime experience…

Wartime on base

Not only did the travel and the history of nuclear contamination affect me, so did current wartime experience on the same base.

While I was living and working on the base, our country went to war, the Gulf War. The usual limits of aircraft, hazardous materials, bombs, etc were lifted to fight the war, so my exposure was increased due to wartime activity. McGuire AFB was the staging point off the East Coast for the war. Most of the troops were transported through MAFB using C-141’s.

War is just part of our countries history, as a fact. Grateful for our military and their service!!

History of a nuclear accident; leaving contamination

I lived on base and was the only civilian on the Chaplain’s staff. I was supposed to look after the spiritual education and welfare of the children and youth assigned to that base. Too young, too naive, but there I was.

I lived on base housing. I worked on base. I did all of my shopping on base. Went to movies on base and had my friends and social activities on base.

I spent most of my time during those three years on that base, exposing myself to the hazardous waste of radioactive elements, unknowingly. Fort Dix, an Army post that shared a border, was a greater offense of hazardous radioactive waste. The facility was shut down for its hazardous elements in 1972. Moving to a neighboring town for three additional years did not get me out of it.

Military facilities are more likely to have radiation exposure than most locations we would live or work at. Whether we are at war at the moment or not, we need to be prepared at all times for war. With that brings possible radiation exposure. Different military facilities will be more hazardous than others.

Nuclear Accident…

  • McGuire AFB (3,552 acres) and neighboring Fort Dix Army Post (75 acres) creating a nuclear accident.
  • The accidental contamination occurred in June 1960. A fire at a Bomarc missile site on a section of the Fort Dix reservation under the jurisdiction of McGuire Air Force Base severely damaged a nuclear warhead, sending plumes of toxic smoke into the air.

Nuclear accidents contaminating the military facilities that I lived and worked at. Now we know those nuclear/radioactive elements do not dissipate and allow for safe living conditions. Now, science tells us how dangerous this is. Now, we know that living and working ON THIS SITE even though it was 27 years after the incident is not enough time to avoid the contamination effects on humans.

Within a year of becoming operational, a Bomarc-A with a nuclear warhead caught fire at McGuire AFB on 7 June 1960 following the explosive rupture of its onboard helium tank. While the missile’s explosives didn’t detonate, the heat melted the warhead, releasing plutonium which the fire crews then spread around. The Air Force and the Atomic Energy Commission cleaned up the site and covered it with concrete.

~ Wikipedia
BOMARC Missile Accident Site

But 40 years later, an estimated 300 grams, or 101/2 ounces, of plutonium from the melted warhead remain in the sandy soil, entombed in asphalt and concrete—a radioactive relic of the Cold War and just one of the toxic hot spots from the era that dot the nation.

Plutonium Spill Neither Gone Nor Forgotten, 40 Years Later ~ Philidelphia Inquirer (source: NewBank)

The necessary hazards of our military on U.S. soil – The site where I lived and worked alone…

10.6 ounces weapon-grade plutonium was NOT recovered…

2-minute video with historical FACTS…

Check out the abandoned New Jersey military base (where I lived) where a nuclear missile exploded in 1960 —

What does the U.S. Air Force have to say about it to the public? Read their 2010 report… (BOMARC) Final Remedial Action Report for Site RW-01, McGuire AFB, N.J.

Without our military, we would not enjoy the safety, freedoms, and comforts that we do in America. There is no intended disrespect or malice in my story. May my story encourage others to detox safely from their military exposures.

Air Force C-130 Hercules cargo plane on the tarmac

How military water played a role?

When we live and work on military installations, we drink their water. I did not start drinking bottled water until I moved to Texas. The military came before that, so I drank the water.

For the purpose of the Source Water Assessment Program, radionuclides were considered more of a ground water concern than a surface water issue…. DEP considered all surface water highly susceptible to pathogens; therefore all intakes received a high rating for the pathogen category. Statewide, 85 percent of the noncommunity water system sources (ground water and surface water) rated high for at least one of the contaminant categories.

For ground water, the three contaminant categories in which the highest percentage of sources received a high susceptibility rating are radionuclides (69%), volatile organic compounds (32%), and inorganics (19%).

~ Fort Dix Water; NI Gov (2003??)

How military vaccines and parasites played a role?

Not only did I live and work on the base, but I also flew all over the world on military aircraft with its cargo and troops. Wildly fun experiences and world travel galore that I am grateful for. Never once did I think of the exposure at the time.

With that military travel came the additional vaccinations required by the military. I fell under the care of the flight surgeons, the ones who administer the endless vaccines for overseas military travel. The military does not fall under anyone else’s guidelines. The military does its own thing, including some experimental stuff. My exposure to untold chemicals and hazards in those military vaccines certainly has been an element of my poor health.

I vividly remember the squadron I was connected to and the pilots coming back with parasites from the numerous countries. They were exposed to many more than I was, yet I was part of this community and some of that travel. I will never forget when a couple of them were taking hot baths and they visually saw parasites crawling OUT of their skin. Freak-out occurred!!!

Miscarriages and infertility…

Now it is so obvious. Living through the experience in my later 20’s, not one clue.

The only miscarriage I had was while I lived on base on top of the hazardous waste from a nuclear accident. Living there through wartime and those stressors contributed as well. As did the extensive travel in military aircraft.

I had friends on the base having numerous miscarriages. Until now I never put all of that together as a most likely cause.

I had infertility problems during the years while I lived there. I had a child previously, so it was not making sense to me or the doctors. Infertility specialists could not even figure it out. Now, it makes all the sense.

Generational effects of radiation exposure…

Besides what happens to our military personnel and their families, there are also the generational effects of radiation exposure. Again, nothing about blame or malice. What we are exposed to gets carried through our offspring and theirs. Therefore, it matters.

Two out of three of my children were born while I lived on a nuclear accident site. Better believe they have had their share of issues. And that will be carried on to their children. The miscarriage I experienced from the experience is still part of me.

Detoxing the effects of military exposure seems so logical NOW!! I cannot undo the past but I can try to explain why this is so important to anyone with a military history.

The storm brewed on…

This stuff actually fascinates me. Since we cannot go back in time and change anything, might as well be plum fascinated by how our bodies have become so deteriorated. The more I become enlightened, the more I know what to do to detox from the experiences.

I had significant health issues with Lyme, Babesia and my heart condition from very early childhood. I remember feeling ill from the age of 3 and never being able to keep up with other kids or basic life. Neurological Lyme had taken hold by the age of 10 with seizures, in-and-out of the hospital for a year missing a full year of school.

On and on that story goes… then the military experience. Until this month, that military experience of exposure never dawned on me in relation to my health. Now it is as obvious as an elephant in the room.

By identifying that military experience, I can deal with the whole situation better. I can have more patience for why it is taking so long to detox the radiation. I can love on myself instead of beat myself up for such choices in life. It was not a “wrong” choice to have been-there-done-that. It is just part of the story and one of the missing links to healing.

Healing in layers…

It all comes in layers. The healing comes in slow meticulous layers. The memories of exposures rise up in layers. Going back at another layer of radiation/pathogens/viruses/bacteria/parasites/etc has to happen over and over again, in layers.

We cannot force our bodies to get through this process faster than what they can handle.

I am reminded of this every time I recall my 100% heart blockage. Our bodies are as fragile as they are resilient. They can adapt and heal, certainly. But they will do it with support and love, not war. That means supporting the body with products that actually work because of their intense support. That means giving ourselves the time it takes to go through this process. Patience is not given to us at birth, it is a learned skill.

Through using the CellCore protocol, I am not only alive but I no longer have any Hashimottos, my heart is ticking significantly better, and I have cleared more parasites than one would think humanly possible. I am out of bed and awake all day. My thinker thinks again. I am actually now doing productive things (besides my health care) on a daily basis. This is humongous stuff!!!!

I now know the protocol for detoxing radioactive elements. As a health coach, let me know if you want the info and I am happy to share – contact me.

I choose to celebrate how far I have come on so many levels. My choices have never been better. My thinking is clearer than ever. I can sort out past, present and future situations for a more peaceful NOW. That is all we have, all that is guaranteed, right now. What is the very best I can make out of right now??? That is all one can do. I choose to celebrate now!!!

I choose to share this story in hopes that other military personnel and families will become more aware of their exposure. Through awareness, we can detox the negative and keep the positive from the experience.

Thank you to all of our U.S. military that keeps us free, safe, warm and comfortable, beyond measure. Thank you to all the families that have provided for the active duty in so many ways. Thank you to children who are offspring of these families, you too will have some consequences to bare. Your service is of great value, thank you.

Maribeth Baxter

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  1. What about mammograms and dental X-rays, Meredith? The doctors tell us they are such a low dose and we believe them? I think I am done with them all.

    1. Good point!! Personally, I would not ever do them again. Thermography or high powered ultrasound are good mammogram alternatives.

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