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T.P. Funnies During Chronic Illness

Oh stars, how many toilet paper incidents can one ill person have?? How can we bare to be in public when we cannot even manage a trip to the bathroom??? Might as well laugh at myself through them…

There is only one moment I can think of that we might desire to be in isolation… when we cannot handle a bathroom trip on our own!!!

My drunk-but-not feeling during my adventure out into the world of the living was a hoot.

I wanted to cry because the adventure was too much for me on this day.

I wanted to slither away in embarrasement because I could not handle a bathroom trip on my own.

I chose to laugh at myself.

The giggles were enjoyed with a fellow human who was kind. Kindness goes SO far when we are ill. Add in the giggles and it can make the worse days be successful.

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