Anxiety & Depression

It is extremely common to have anxiety and depression during chronic illness and pain. Sometimes the anxiety and depression can be more debilitating than the illness itself. The situation of illness including anxiety and depression can become a loop that is hard to get out of. The illness causes physical issues that can cause the anxiety and depression which isolates us causing more depression which makes us physically sicker which creates more anxiety and on and on it goes. Very difficult loop to get out of but it can be done.

If you find yourself caught up in this loop remember that there is hope. There is always hope even when we do not see it for our own lives. Look at others who have worked their way through it for encouragement. You might find ideas for yourself in their stories. Reach out to a Certified Health Coach to give you ideas specific to your health conditions, your life and your situation.

One way to gain some confidence in yourself and your body is to discover a hidden desire. Anna tells a story below about singing to find a way through her anxiety and depression.

There are as many hidden desires as there are people on this earth. Explore different things to find something that you enjoy and brings delight to your life. You will know when you are on to something when you find yourself distracted by it, thinking about it and slowly gaining some confidence in it and yourself so the anxiety and depression start to lift.

Trust me, I know it is not as simple as “getting a better attitude.” There are many physical reasons we are hindered by anxiety and depression that need to be addressed as well (gut issues, amino acid imbalance and inflammation in the brain are common during chronic illness). Be patient with friends and family who don’t understand how terribly difficult this is to overcome. Be patient with yourself and keep searching for solutions, they are out there.

Marshall Rosenberg: Depression

Get in a quiet space, close your eyes, and gently listen to this.

Anna Clendening | Anxiety & Depression

Anna Clendening, a 20-year-old singer overcomes her anxiety disorder to connect with the judges and audience in a moving performance. See Anna Clendening’s stunning cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”


I Found Myself | Anna Clendening