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Cherries, In Season

cherries in season

Fresh cherries are a pure delight. Try to catch them in your produce isle when they are in season.

Cherry Tree

Have you ever caught the sight of a cherry tree in the springtime? One cannot help but stop end enjoy the sight.

Cherry trees are beautiful and well known for their blossoms. Whether in Washington D.C. or Japan at famous spots, or your own back yard, enjoy their beauty during different seasons.

Cherry blossom branch in spring season.

During summertime, the cherries are ripe and ready for our enjoyment.

If you have never seen a cherry tree in person, it is worth finding one.

Ripe cherry fruit on branches

Catch Cherries In Season

Since most of us don’t have a cherry tree in our back yard, watch your local market for the release of these gems.

The ones you don’t munch on while you are driving home, can be pitted and then frozen for future use.

cherry pit solutions

Cherry Pits

Yep, fresh cherries come with pits. As you eat them fresh, spit out the pits.

If you don’t want to do that, use a cherry pitter. I use this cherry pitter because it is so sturdy. Also, the handle is red so it doesn’t get stained.

If you buy more than you can eat fresh, freeze the rest. Pit them first, then place them in glass freezer containers. I use glass for two reasons: 1) I don’t want any chemicals from plastic 2) cherries will stain plastic.

I have to confess, I also open up each cherry to make sure there is no mold or worms inside. I use my fingers during the pitting and it all goes fast. Or you could simply use a knife. By no means is this required to eat a cherry. My goodness, people have been eating cherries off of trees for centuries. We all have our quirks!!

pitting a cherry

KIDS KORNER — This can be a messy job, so send kids outside to do the job. Or take fresh cherries on a picnic to keep them outside. They will have fun eating as they go and the mess won’t be in your kitchen. Fresh air, sunshine, and cherries!!!

Sugar and Portion

Ok, so cherries are a fruit and fruit has natural sugars. During chronic illness too much of even natural sugar in fruit can be, well… too much. You have to decide where you are in the process of your illness and how much natural sugar your body can tolerate.

A good rule-of-thumb is a handful of fresh fruit a day. When it comes to cherries, I have to confess I use both hands to measure!!!

Fresh cherries

Produce Geek

A fun way to keep up with what is in season is receiving Produce Geek’s FREE newsletter. Eating seasonally helps us rotate our food and eat the freshest produce possible.

Produce Geek has declared it cherry season. Enjoy!!!

Choose organic produce, worth every penny for your health and your taste buds.

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