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Set Aside Goofy Pride During Illenes​s

All humans do goofy things. The goofy feels magnified when we are ill. No one is so cool that they are above this. Pride can sometimes drive our goofy actions and blindside us. During illness, set the goofy pride aside!!

Why in the world would I feel like I have to return a chair when I have a heart condition? I don’t know the answer to the “why” but I do know that my prideful ways hurt me sometimes.

While we are ill, we cannot do some basic things. I cannot be moving around chairs. I need help. I need to set my goofy pride aside and leave the chair alone.

Leaving my home to get rare opportunities to be around people is extremely important so I am doing it to the best of my ability.

That should be enough.

But we are talking about me, a person who cannot get that through her head.

As you have learned about yourself, chronic illness changes almost everything. We do not have the ability to do everything we used to be able to do. In time, we hope that will change and we will regain health. Until then, there are significant limiations that we need to pay attention to.

I am enjoying my weekly adventure to get out of the house and around people but I am learning my current state of goofy pride as I go. Last week I was a dork, this week I am just plum goofy.

Nourish your goofy pride by not expecting so much from yourself and allowing others to help you.

How are you overcoming your goofy pride issues? Take care of your sweet bodies as you walk through this.

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