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BioToxin Binder acts systemically and contains a special form of carbon that has an enhanced binding ability. It also contains wild crafted yucca root and extracts of fulvic acid. These components support the body’s ability to target mold and ammonia, assisting the body in focusing on the by-products of these and other ailments.

Our BioToxin Binder is not formulated from activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is a long-chain carbon, which is classified as a “spent” carbon. What does this mean? Think of a spent carbon as a sponge that soaks up toxins only in the GI system. One of its weaknesses is that, just as a sponge, it can pick up and absorb, but it also can release (think “drip”) things it has previously picked up along the way. This reality can lead to leaving things behind that more effective binders don’t.

CellCore Biosciences products use long- and short-chain BioActive Carbon molecules, which have the ability to support life. The components that comprise BioToxin Binder include polyelectrolytes, polysaccharides, amino acids, and organic acids. This product works as a systemic binder as well as supporting cellular respiration (cellular energy production).

Our BioToxin Binder goes through a three-step proprietary process in which other molecules are attached to enhance its overall efficacy and ability to support the body as it removes biotoxins. As an important part of an overall treatment protocol, BioToxin Binder works to promote the body’s efforts to overcome the effects of harmful elements.

Recommended dosage is two capsules twice daily, with or without food.

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