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Comparing Illness Journeys Has Its Limits

There are SO many illnesses and so many variables that no two people can possibly have the same illness journey. No two experiences can be exactly the same, impossible. When we compare ourselves to others, we are either overly disappointed or overly self-superior to others. Either way, it does not serve us to compare. We can heal faster when we let comparisons go.

Differences During Illness

  • We all have different tolerances
  • We all have different intellect to figure stuff out
  • We all have different levels of health insight
  • We all have different belief systems around “health” and “healing”
  • We all have different personalities
  • We all have different genetics/DNA
  • We all have different support systems – or lack thereof
    • We all have different living situations
    • We all have different family situations
    • We all have different social situations
    • We all have different neighborhoods
  • We all have different financial resources to help with our illness – or lack thereof
  • We all have different work issues – some can work, some cannot, both create stress
  • We all have different views on treating illness – conventional/natural/holistic/etc
  • We all have different medical/health care teams in place
  • We all have different geographical issues to deal with
  • We all have different availability to food choices
  • We all have different stress thresholds
  • We all have different pain thresholds
  • We all have different combinations of illnesses/diseases/conditions
  • We all have different EVERYTHING

You see where I am going. There are so many things that are so different about EVERYONE that it seems quite useless to compare ourselves.

Billy Bob can eat junk food 3 meals a day and appear unaffected. Yet, our strict diet feels like a punishment at times. We have the same disease, so why is it different? There are endless variables. Don’t compare, it will drive you mad!!

Mary Sue can walk 2 miles a day. Yet, our weak bodies can’t even make it to the bathroom. We have the same disease, the same age, so why is it different? There are endless reasons. Don’t compare, it will drive you batty!!

Similarities During Illness

There are endless differences but there really are a few similarities during illness that actually do matter.

We are all human beings. We are all chronically ill. We share this same struggle, in general.

That creates a bond. Instead of creating conflict over variables that cannot be compared, see the bond of this human experience.

We are beautifully unique and no one is wrong or right because we walk this journey differently. Let me say that no one is right or wrong for themselves and their choices. It is wrong for us to impose our beliefs on others, in general. Urgghhh, you know what I mean.

“You can’t understand someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”


Sharing stories can also bring great insight. We see ourselves more clearly when we listen to others stories. Today when someone did something I didn’t appreciate, it was like a mirror was being held up so I could see that I did the same thing yesterday to someone else. Learn as we go!!!

Sharing stories also help us to try new ideas, treatments, supplements, foods, recipes, tips, and tricks. We get “nuggets” of great value as we listen to stories from others, even though no two situations are ever exactly the same.

Take what nuggets you may from others. Put those nuggets together and you just might end up with the missing links in your healing journey.

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