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Chronic Pain, Enduring and Troubleshooting

Any grip on pain helps us get a grip on our grumps, and it simply builds from there. So much easier said than done. Chronic pain usually is not easy to get a grip on, but it can be done.

Pain is one of the most fascinating things to me. I don’t care if it is physical or emotional, it fascinates me. It consumes us when we are in pain. When it is a chronic condition, it can alter our attitudes, our behavior and our every thought and movement. It stinks!!

My current pain is absolutely nothing compared to the three years straight that I had wracking endless pain from Lyme, thyroid and heart disease. Nevertheless, my current pain is in my every thought and I am willing to troubleshoot until I get relief.

The last couple weeks I have been in pain in my wrists and then it moved to my fingers as well. I finally got to a point where I needed more relief than I could do on my own. I use a chiropractor for routine adjustments and specific acupuncture treatments. He usually can provide immediate relief.

He could visibly see the inflammation bulges in my wrists. NO ONE is getting anywhere near to it right now so he did not touch it. I explained that I could feel bone but obviously, there was also inflammation. His opinion was that it was not bone and the inflammation would eventually go away as he has seen come and go in my body many times.

For me, it made no difference that we disagreed on the source of the pain. When the inflammation backs off we will be able to determine better about the bones.

For the moment, I need pain relief. Time to listen to his suggestion about relieving stress on my wrists to lower the inflammation bulges in my wrists.

Recently I put an old bed tray on my bed and have been using it for my computer work. That means that recently I have been placing my hands at a higher angle and resting them on the ridge of the tray. Troubleshoot unraveled what had changed in my environment that might be the source of the pain.

COOOOL beans!!! Troubleshooting comes in many ways. It does not always mean we are right or wrong or our doctors are right or wrong. Instead, troubleshooting can simply be about gathering information.

  • First gathering our own information, usually, it is simply a mental checklist
  • Sometimes gaining information from our health care providers (tricky, complicated controversial subject — I personally use the more natural holistic practitioners and only when I have to)
  • Sometimes just chatting with others can provide some insight into ideas that we would never think of on our own, while in pain

Gather it all up. Make the best sense out of anything we can and ACT on it!!!

I immediately stopped using my bed tray while I am working on my computer and whaaalaaaa, relief.

And do I care whether the source of the pain is from bone or not, HECK NO!!! Pain relief is all I care about at the moment. The rest will get resolved, in time. The bone has either moved or it hasn’t, it does not matter today.

When the pain is lessened, I am not as laser-focused on PAIN!

When I am not in so much pain, I have a better attitude about EVERYTHING. My thinking is more positive. I am not as grumpy and I like myself and others better.

You know exactly what I am talking about. You have been there, done that. You know the chronic pain issues that pull you down. You know the tricks that help you relieve any pain that you can.

When the pain is this distracting, desiring immediate relief is understandable. In time, it is usually a good idea to investigate deeper into the source of the pain, the root cause.

  • Why do my wrists hurt?
  • I have inflammation bulging out of both wrists…
  • Why do I have that inflammation?
  • I have Lyme disease that creates inflammation…
  • Why do I have Lyme, thyroid and heart disease?
  • I have a lowered immune system that does not fight the Lyme which knocks my hormones (thyroid) out of wack and creates unreasonable stress on my body which is aggravating my heart issues (it is all tied together)…
  • Why do I have a lowered immune system?
  • Ahhh, ha, I know that answer and I am slowly getting to that point.

I am using this humbling video exercise to display the visible problem of my inflammation and how it is coming off as I am dealing with the remaining root cause of my whole health mess. I have already done the hard work of diet and lifestyle changes galore. HINT: there can be more than one root cause, it all works together.

As I deal with the remaining root cause of my particular health issues, my immune system starts to kick in, then my body knows how to deal with the Lyme disease which provides relief on my thyroid and heart, then the inflammation backs off and then the pain goes away.

Whaa la!!  As easy and complicated as that.

Maribeth Baxter, MBNC (Certified Mind-Body Nourishment Coach)


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