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Roll With the Holidays

Roll with the holidays

It’s Christmas time and there is enough stress out there already. Might as well just roll with the holidays. Reduce the stress and roll!!!

During chronic illness, we already have more stressors than we can deal with. Holidays come around and it can easily feel overwhelming.

Instead of shutting down, roll with it.

Don’t expect so much out of yourself or others, just roll with it.

Be goofy and laugh at yourself even when others may not be laughing WITH you, roll with it.

Just be you, accept that you are doing your best, enjoy the spirit of the season and what joy you can find in others, roll with it.

If you are alone, roll with that one too. I am not saying this in jest. I know how hard that one is, the pain of the intense isolation and the lack of resources to solve it when one is so ill. When we cannot change that reality, roll with it. Enjoy your own company.

  • My bet is that you are a very lovely person.
  • My bet is that you have endured much through illness and you are one tough cookie, worth knowing.
  • My bet is, you are tender and sometimes funny, worth being around.
  • My bet is, you are valuable beyond your understanding, worthy of seeing your own value.

Roll with whatever circumstances you are in this Christmas. That puts you ABOVE the circumstances, not UNDER circumstances.

Be blessed during Christmas, no matter how you are rolling through it!!

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