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National Lemonade Day, Let’s Drink To It

national lemonade day

What is more fun than a kid at a lemonade stand? Don’t outgrow our thirst for lemonade, let’s drink up…

Do you have any fond memories of running a lemonade stand as a kid? Or maybe watching your own kids enjoy drinking all the profits??

Maybe your memories are from good times at a local fair. Maybe the circus came to town or you went to the board walk at the beach and had that refreshing glass of lemonade that you wish you could reproduce.

Most of us have had that perfect glass of cold lemonade that leaves us thirsting for more.

Look around and see what you can find. Maybe you live in a large city that has lemonade at a street vendor. Or if you live close to a farmer’s market, surely they have someone selling fresh lemonade. Look around and see what you can find.

If you are like me, you may want to just make it yourself. I actually make fresh squeezed lemonade every single morning.

Lemons are purchased weekly and kept in the refrigerator. Every single morning, I grab one, squeeze every last drop out of it, add it to water and drink up.

Sweetness is a must for some. I personally add stevia to make my perfectly sweet lemonade – without processed sugar or chemicals of any kind.

That’s it. Water, lemon juice and stevia. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Replacing With Lemonade

Lemonade is such an easy refreshing fun drink that we can replace soda and juice with it. Juice, no matter what it says on the bottle, is not sugar-free and/or chemical-free and certainly not fresh juice. Squeezing a lemon and adding it to water is so ridiculously easy, why don’t we do this for our kids and replace the juice and soda?

Kids Are Worth the Squeezing Effort

More and more kids are chronically ill than ever. As we are realizing that our efforts matter for the health of our children and future generations, we don’t mind the squeezing effort.

Hidden in all the delights of lemonade, there are tremendous health and detoxing benefits to lemons.

A Lemon A Day really is a good idea for health and healing.


Whether a lemonade stand or your kitchen counter, making a jug can be kept simple.

Lemon Squeezers and Juicers…

Kool Aid Pitchers…

Lemonade Dispensers…

Squeeze, drink and enjoy fresh lemonade!!

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