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Making Christmas Fun for the Chronically Ill

Making Christmas fun for the chronically ill

We can still have fun for Christmas while we are chronically ill. Park your bicycle and decorate it!! Take a break from the battle of disease and illness and create some fun. It is Christmas and we can make fun out of any situation.

I have had plenty of Christmas’ that I had difficulty pulling FUN out of my hat for Christmas while being so ill that I could not get out of bed. So I know it is very hard but well worth the effort to simply do our best.

I had a few Christmas’ that I had to figure it out from my bed. How does one enjoy Christmas from bed??? With an acceptance that we are doing our best and that is good enough. Christmas is more about joy, peace, and love than gifts and holiday chaos anyway.

Sure, this year I am no longer stuck in bed, but I clearly remember when I was. My hope is that I never forget how difficult those years were so that I can remember to have tremendous compassion for those who are still struggling with intense chronic illness. It reminds me to reach out and let someone know that I am thinking about them and that I care, truly care that they are struggling through chronic illness.

May we all learn from our chronic illness adventures. With the misery comes so much good from the experience when we allow it. Sometimes seeing that fact is the only Christmas gift we receive.

By parking our bicycle (the battle with illness) we slow ourselves down to enjoy the sparkle of life, like Christmas. Vitamin Sparkle!!!! Nourishment comes in so many ways we allow it.

Vitamin Sparkle builds Vitamin Happy when we can see it. So look for it!!!

It’s Christmas!! Enjoy what you can. Do what you can. Let the rest go and park the bike!!!

Cycology = psychology on wheels

Rolling through chronic illness the very best we can!!

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