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Ready to Rumble Through Christmas During Illness

Some of us are ready to make a rumble during this Christmas season. We have been chronically ill long enough to have the grit to make a real rumble. Hum, wonder what would have happened if I made this Christmas rumble years ago (maybe decades ago) ??? Let’s do the Santa rumble…

Usually, I suggest we all slow down, even stop the stress and chaos for the holiday season. Usually the slowing or stopping is the best thing for us while we are battling chronic illness. But… what if some are ready to rumble???

Ready to Rumble

A rumble is productively speaking up and standing up for ourselves while we are chronically ill to meet our basic needs. I like to call it a rumble because it can appear to be confrontational to others who are not used to us asking for our basic needs. Yet, it is not meant to be abrasive to others. The Santa rumble is meant to be a fun way to be assertive, not aggressive.

The goal is simply to get needs met while we are ill and have to rely on others.

Making a rumble does not have to be a bad or wrong thing. Making a rumble can be standing up for ourselves, our health, our wellbeing. Making a rumble can be about taking responsibility for our health.

We don’t need to be nasty toward anyone else but I do believe it is perfectly acceptable to make a productive rumble about our own health and wellbeing needs.

In a big picture this makes sense to me…

When we take care of ourselves, we have more to give others, we are better equipped to engage in a productive and meaningful life.

When we take care of ourselves, we are a better example for our children and for others.

When we take care of ourselves, we create a better, healthier, family environment so all can thrive.

When we take care of ourselves, we are creating better relationships that create a better outcome from chronic illness.

When we see the bigger picture of taking care of ourselves, we can see that there are far-reaching benefits, for generations to come.

Give yourself permission to make a productive rumble. This is easier to do when you are at a point in your health journey that you are not controlled by other’s opinions of your choices. Some of you are tons braver than I was and speak up for yourselves. This was a new skill I had to learn during my tough illness years. Once I learned it, it was fun to rumble.

Remembering that the rumble is more for our own benefit than others makes it more productive. Kind of like giving ourselves permission to be exactly where we are at the moment.

Give yourself permission to be at opposite ends of the spectrum at different times…

It is okay that your health needs this Christmas are different from last year.

It is okay that your health needs are still the same this Christmas and it appears to others you have not made progress.

It is okay to eat healthy because that is what you deem appropriate for your health this Christmas.

It is okay to eat some junk this Christmas because the joy of it brings you more nourishment than food legalism.

It is okay to let someone else do the cooking for Christmas because you are not up to it and should not be pressured while you are chronically ill.

It is okay to want to do the cooking for Christmas so that you have control of the menu and ingredients for better choices.

It is okay to do Christmas from bed because that is what you need.

It is okay to push yourself more than usual because it is Christmas and that will bring you joy.

YOU get to choose what is best for YOU and make a rumble about it this Christmas!!

Give yourself permission to make a rumble about the things that are best for you. We don’t have to be selfish about our rumbles. We can take others into consideration when we choose which rumbles to have.

Humble Rumble

Being humble means our entire focus is not on ourselves. Instead, we can see a bigger picture. We are not rumbling for attention and we are not rumbling to take attention away from others. Keeping it a humble rumble reminds us not to hurt others to get what we feel we need.

Choose a humble rumble and roll with it. Own it. Enjoy it because you are practicing meeting your basic needs while you are chronically ill.

Chronic illness brings with it many opportunities to practice growing into the individuals we were created to be. The stronger we become in who we are, the more effectively we can serve others. Just maybe chronic illness has been a gift, in part, to help us get on the best path for our lives.

Merry Christmas my rumbling friends!!!

Cycology = psychology on wheels

Rolling through chronic illness the very best we can!!

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