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Push Yourself, VERY Gently

In our modern day and time, we are all pros at pushing through things. Getting chronically ill is a great time to learn how to slow down to help us move through it. As we learn how to slow down, sometimes we still have to push through some things. This is a hard balance to find but over the years of being chronically ill we have the time to practice!!!

Usually, we land in chronic illness, in part, by pushing ourselves too hard for too many years. Our bodies cannot take this wild modern day pushing the limits day in and day out.

Chronic illness can force us to learn this lesson. Adrenal burnout forces our bodies to stop. There is no more “push” to them when at that point. We can get so bad that it is hard to carry our own bodies around. I remember a few years ago when I could not hold the weight of my own head up.

Lesson learned!!

Lots of years of practicing my limits and my healthy boundaries.

Exercise vs Movement

My entire adult life I have always exercised. Becoming so ill that my body refuses to cooperate with even the slightest movement has been beyond frustrating. Exercise becomes out of the question for many who are chronically ill.

As I learn more and more about how my body works and its limitations with illness, I am finding balance. We need movement, our bodies require it. So what do we do when we have physically crashed so hard that we cannot exercise?

We discover gentle movement.

We learn to listen very carefully to our bodies to know when we can sneak in some extra movement. Yesterday I drove to a swing set so I could gently swing for just a few minutes. That certainly is not exercise, but it was much-needed movement.

When we push ourselves, very gently, we discover that our body is capable and has what it takes to move just a little bit more today.

Each day as we listen closely to our bodies, things change. Some days we will have it in us to do a little more movement. Other days we just won’t.

Just a week ago the whole bed ordeal and all the physical work with that was way too much. I crashed after physically wearing myself out. Yet, yesterday and that adventure with very gentle movement revived me instead of depleting me.

Listen to your individual limits.

If there is never any gentle pushing through this we get stuck. I am NOT a fan of pushing through things but this is one time when those gentle nudges can help us get the much-needed movement our body needs after years of stagnation from illness.

Movement sure did help my attitude yesterday. Between the movement and the fresh cool air and sunshine, I was a new person by the time I returned home.

VIDEO: Please note that everyone who gets Lyme Disease does NOT have trouble with their heart. It may happen but does not always happen.

Maribeth Baxter, MBNC (Certified Mind-Body Nourishment Coach)


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