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Grow slow like a tree, not a flower

Humans are the most fascinating anything I have ever observed, at times reminding me of flowers and trees. Flowers are small and fragile but trees are mighty and strong. Flowers come and go, yet trees take decades to fully develop into a tower of beautiful strength. Flowers can get trampled although they provide temporary beauty, fragrance and sometimes food or medicine. Trees repeatedly adorn nature with scents, food and medicines. Both provide an array of incredible attributes too long to list. As humans, how do we grow? 

Our growth is more like that of a tree than a flower. As humans we don’t sprout up over night and quickly have our lives and then wilt. We hopefully continue to grow as humans in character and stature. It takes time.

Flowering plants in the forest white flowers on the background of trees

Trees tops are closer to the sun and the moon, illuminating their breadth and width. As we grow as humans, the light can reveal our depth.

Tree in white flowers meadow beauty forest landscape

When we are young we perceive that life needs to happen today, like flowers coming and going. As we grow into life we grow into a true and steady tree. A deeply rooted tree will grow tall and has the capacity to see a bigger picture allowing for more patience.


We then have the ability to accept the hills and valleys in life because we have stood up to the test of time. The decades of growth have made us strong and withstanding the trials of life.

Humans we can see the beauty of flowers in season. As humans we go through seasons, adding layers of character and beauty.

Beautiful young brunette woman lying on the meadow with field fl

As we grow slowly, there is nothing better than stopping and smelling the flowers. These moments help us grow into majestic trees.


Do we provide the space for others to grow slowly into mighty trees so they can have all the character and strength they need to be loving productive people, the way they were meant to be?

Do we allow ourselves space and time needed while we walk through chronic illness to grow and become a person with more depth, breadth, and width because of the journey?

Maribeth Baxter, MBEC

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