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World Water Day During Pandemic

World Water Day, gratitude for running water during pandemic

Did you wake up this morning and have running water? Today is World Water Day. There is no better time than today to celebrate the water we have at this moment. In the heat of this pandemic running water is essential and a priority. Not only do we need it to wash our hands to keep safe but we need pure drinking water to stay hydrated during a stressful unprecedented time. I know the CoronaVirus is on everyone’s minds but this is a whole new opportunity to celebrate water like we never have before.

Did you get up this morning and walk into your bathroom? Did you expect your toilet to work? Did you expect your faucet would run so you could wash your hands? Did you take a shower and not even think about how valuable water is?

I know I do not fully grasp the concept of the abundance of water we have here in the U.S. We can wash our dishes in the sink and then turn around and run them through the dishwasher. We can water our lawns and have swimming pools and fountains in our yards. Think about it. We really do have an abundance of apparent water.

Obviously it is not limitless but we don’t fully grasp that until things like a pandemic occur.

Our minds make the shift when we are limited to an essential resource.

The first two items that became scarce through this CoronaVirus crisis is bottled water and toilet paper. Both revolve around water.

Today is World Water Day so let’s have another mind shift on the subject. Today, in everything we do, every drop of water we touch, we can be grateful.

When we brush our teeth, we can be so grateful for the water we have at the moment that we remember to turn it off while brushing instead of letting it run.

While taking a shower, instead of lingering and singing maybe this could be a time to get to business and get the water turned off. You can sing while you are drying off. You can be grateful for the shower even when the water is not running.

You get the point. Be grateful that during this pandemic, most of us have running water. For those of us who do have it, we can even be praying for those who don’t. I truly cannot imagine but I can pray.

CoronaVirus Water

Washing your hands with hot water and soap is more effective than hand sanitizer, so do it.

Pure drinking water is essential for health, not only for hydration. If we are drinking water with chemicals, radiation, toxins, etc. we are knocking down our immune system. Right now is when we need our immune system to protect us from coronavirus.

Our bodies were made to fight off the virus. So give your body the purest water you can get your hands on right now. But don’t overly stress about it because stress lowers your immune system!!!

I personally use two different sources of water. bottled distilled water and this filter. It has several filters inside of it including a reverse osmosis filter. I can run my tap water through this filter and still have pure water if I run out of bottled water.

It is a countertop unit. There is NO assembly. There is no plumbing required. It just does not get any easier than this.

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AquaTru Water Filter – Countertop Unit

I just placed an order so I know they are still working, still shipping!!

CoronaVirus & COVID-19 and the Chronically Ill

During this pandemic, I am here to help the chronically ill. Health coaching is still available – contact me, I am happy to help. I will be writing often on the subject and the different aspects that the chronically ill face at this time.

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