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TP Rolling With The Pandemic

How are you rolling with the pandemic? Have you purchased your stash of toilet paper? Whether you are one to have hit the panic button and have stored up on T.P. or you are one to say this is all a scam, regardless, let’s roll with the moment and have a laugh about toilet paper and the situation.

Keep rolling through this. Don’t get stuck, keep moving through it.

Think of a toilet paper roll just rolling down a hill. Let IT unravel, not you.

Laughing is a great tool when life heats up, especially through a pandemic.

Here is a very funny song for the situation. Just listen, you won’t be able to see anything.

Bye Bye Charmin ultra 3 ply…

CoronaVirus & COVID-19 and the Chronically Ill

During this pandemic, I am here to help the chronically ill. Health coaching is still available – contact me, I am happy to help. I will be writing often on the subject and the different aspects that the chronically ill face at this time.

Quick link to all of my CoronaVirus blogs

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