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Rolling Through Fear

Fear during coronavirus -- for the chronically ill

Who’s rolling through fear and who is getting stuck in it? CoronaVirus and COVID-19 are here and some are rockin-n-rolling through it and others are getting stuck in it. I am having moments of both, mainly rolling but there have been a couple of speed bumps.

What is Fear?


~ Mama Hägglund

Since we are all at home and trying not to spread germs, I have spent some time learning more about LinkedIn. One of my contacts said that his mom used to say that fear is F(false) E(expectations) A(Appearing) R(Real). Wise mama!!!

Chronically Ill and Fear

Been there done that!! Remember all the times that we have faced fear head-on during illness? We have had practice galore.

So, let’s be the example of not getting overly caught up in the fear, the chaos, the hysteria of the pandemic. Roll with it. Take on the bumps in the road as they come along, but keep rolling with it.

You might even take a tumble and your attitude might not always be chipper and lighthearted but we still have many more days of this in front of us to keep practicing.

Get back on your skateboard and keep rolling.

I don’t feel any funny going on today at all so nothing funny is appearing in this blog except my funny dude photo. He is enough for the moment. Enough to remind me that I am more peaceful when I can accept the moment at hand. The more peaceful I am, the less I contribute to fear in others. I like that thought. I like being okay with exactly where I am at the moment.

Tomorrow I can try to make someone else smile!!!!!!!!

A pandemic is not about me (and it is not about you). Instead, it is about mankind, everyone.

Try to lighten someone’s load by a smile or a joke. Be silly and watch others come alive. If you are not a funny person, just be yourself and your peacefulness will spill over on to someone else who is drowning in fear.

During this pandemic, the chronically ill have additional obstacles. But the really cool thing I am witnessing is that the chronically ill are also being the example for others. You have a skill set that the average person does not have. You know how to roll with adversity better than the average person. Show them how to roll!!!

My prayers and thoughts are with all of mankind as we encounter this together,


Cycology = psychology on wheels

Rolling through chronic illness the very best we can!!

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