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Great Hair, Great Brain

Don’t tell me I have to give up coloring my hair, not going to happen! The use of hair dyes is a modern-day phenomenon in America and Europe. Various data show 33-70% of women over the age of 18 and a minimum of 10% of men have joined the vanity train. Hair coloring has become so popular that it is barely given a thought by most. It is part of our schedule and we prioritize it right up there with breathing and eating. It makes our hair soft, shiny and vibrant in color, making us feel like we look better and giving us a bounce to our step. Who in their right mind would give that up? Not even a consideration for most of us. So how do we balance our health with our vanity? There are always ways to get around everything, even while maintaining our vanity comfort zones. If you are chronically ill, look at the facts and then look at the wonderful alternatives you have to keep coloring your hair.

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