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Sleep and EMF’s, Still Troubleshooting Inflammation

The visual display of the inflammation roller-coaster was hopefully helpful for you yesterday. We have some control over how bad the inflammation gets while we find the root cause of it.  While we keep troubleshooting, it is helpful to try different tools to make us more comfortable which in turns reduces our stress, making it easier to heal. Today we will look at some more tools for a healthy lifestyle, including lowing inflammation.

I actually know the particular root cause of my inflammation that is keeping me quite uncomfortable right now. In time I will get to that part of the story. For now, this is a fun example and exercise of how to troubleshoot symptoms so we can become more comfortable while we go through this. If someone does not know the root cause of a symptom, like inflammation, then the troubleshooting is the same. It gets us closer to understanding the root cause so we can address it.

Sleep and Inflammation

One simple night of rest last night did wonders for me physically and emotionally. I woke up feeling lighter, not as physically stressed and more clear-headed. Now that I am remembering to bounce on my rebounder to assist in my lymph movement, I have a better chance at sleeping through the night. Sleeping through the night creates less inflammation. One thing builds on another getting us closer and closer to healing.

Cause and effect — when we find a tool to reduce a symptom we can see the results sometimes the next day. When we can so clearly see it like my last 24 hours it is obvious to keep doing what works. Sometimes we just have the head knowledge that it is “supposed” to work. Trust in the science behind some of this and just keep doing it.

We have tons of science that tell us that a good nights rest makes us feel better. When we can move into longterm restorative sleep, our bodies can provide a better environment for healing.

How To Get A Better Night Sleep

HOW to get a better night of sleep is the trick. It is different for everyone. I spent years working on this. I would look up my favorite doctor’s suggestions that provided the science behind it and give things a try. Little by little I found what works for me. Later we will discuss the night time activity of live pathogens inside of us that keep us awake that is very hard to control.

So what can we control?

Bedtime – Use our natural circadian rhythm to determine bedtime. We are meant to sleep during the nighttime hours when it is dark. Creating a consistent bedtime between 9-11 p.m. is a tremendously effective sleep tool. Removing sources of light at bedtime also increases the chances of better sleep.

Diet – Heavy meals close to bedtime will make it harder to sleep well. Our bodies need sleep time for restoration and healing, not digestion. When our bodies are busy digesting, we are robbing ourselves of that precious energy for our organs to do their rhythmic activity so they can detoxify and heal. And of course, no caffeine after 12 noon.

Sleep Supplements – I personally like melatonin and CBD oil. When my brain is highly inflamed I also use a pure turmeric extract to calm it while I am trying to go to sleep. When I am having a lot of trouble sleeping, I also use tinctures of valerian root OR camomile. And I never miss my nightly ritual of using Essential Oils to assist with sleep. Frankincense, lavender, and chamomile are my top 3.

Adrenals – Reducing stress hours before bedtime lowers cortisol allowing lowered adrenal stress. Once in a while, I drink an Adrenal Creamy Orange Juice to deal with the adrenal issues.

Emotions – Emotionally charged conversations do not work well close to bedtime. They stir us up, keep us awake and disrupt a good nights sleep. Same with any emotional baggage one may have. Have you ever had trouble getting to sleep or woke in the middle of the night with your mind racing? Usually, that is unresolved emotional baggage. Explore brain detoxing.  For me, I use the 21-Day Brain Detox Program to stay on top of my current emotional health. This one is Christian based so it works best for me.

Learn more about resolving Sleep Struggles. There is tons of info out there for suggestions. Search responsibly on the Internet for science-based research on the subject. GreenMedInfo is well known for their science-based research articles.

Sleep is a huge factor in illness and wellness. I simply touched on a fraction of tools that help us sleep better. These are the 5 that I continually have to remind myself to get me to a better nights rest. I know what my top 5 shortcomings are so that I can review them when I am not sleeping well. That is my homework for today.

EMF’s – Electromagnetic Frequencies

I had 3 straight years of intense nonstop wracking pain from Lyme disease. I had to figure it out, there was no choice. This led me to understand the effects of EMF’s on our bodies. This journey was a tough one. It required that I drastically changed my lifestyle. It required allocating some resources into fixing some of the offending EMF’s in my environment. Little by little I chipped away at the offending EMF’s that was contributing to the intense neurological pain.

Still to this day, I have to maintain my vigilance with the EMF situation or I suffer.

  • Pain sneaks back in when I am exposed to too many EMF’s
  • Neurological chaos comes back intensely in my brain causing not only confusion and brain fog but a wild light show when my eyes are closed
  • Mold issues multiply with EMF exposure
  • EMF’s may reactivate virus’ like Epstein Barr which I have

I have taken many steps to clean up my environment from offending EMF’s:

  • Replaced electric meter with analog instead of digital
  • Shut down, unplugged, turned off all Internet sources to my house at bedtime every single night
  • Hard-wired my laptop to reduce EMF exposure – this 50ft cable allows me to walk my laptop from my bed to the sofa, to the front porch bench keeping it hard-wired the whole way
  • Purchased and consistently use an EMF Pad under my laptop computer – I could visibly see the difference in the amount of inflammation in my thighs when I use the pad – HARApad came highly recommended and it was money well spent
  • Stopped putting my cell phone to my ear, that was the hardest one to adapt to
  • Removed all devices from my bedroom during sleeping hours: computer and phones
  • Unplugged everything I could in my bedroom to reduce exposure – using a battery operated clock instead of an electric one for example
  • Purchased and consistently use an EMF shielded case for my cell phone
  • IF you can afford it, this seems to be the best case – SafeSleeve

You get the idea. Cleaned up the EMF’s that I possibly could. I cannot begin to express the difference this made in my health, especially the neurological pain levels.

I continue to have to remind myself of the importance of this. I sometimes forget to unplug the Internet to my house at bedtime and I have to suffer the consequences. Sometimes it is just a subtle difference but other times it plays a significant impact on my night of sleep.

Troubleshooting causes of inflammation remind me to stay on top of EMF exposure. The mold in my environment has been resolved but some of it is still in my body. EMF’s create an environment for mold to thrive, even to multiply. When I remember those 32 degree nights sleeping in my driveway to get out of the moldy environment, I am willing to be diligent about EMF’s to control any remaining mold in my body.

Tonight I will find something else to unplug in my bedroom to increase my chances of sleeping better.

Today’s Troubleshooting Results

Simple, to reduce the inflammation I need to stay on top of my sleep and EMF issues.

  • I have my personal top 5 shortcomings when it comes to sleep.
    • Have you determined some of the factors that keep you from a good night sleep?
  • EMFs are pretty much controlled in my environment but I fall short with the occasional forgetting to unplug the Internet to my house at bedtime.
    • Have you experimented with the health benefits of reducing EMF exposure?

None of this, so far, has gotten to the root cause of the inflammation. I am getting excited to tell you what I think the root cause is of MY gone-amuck-inflammation. Yet, I know the value of this troubleshooting.

The troubleshooting helps to eliminate contributing factors to the inflammation. That way I move faster and with more ease into healing. Removing ANY contributing factor, removing anything that contributes to ANY stress, moves me through this experience instead of keeping me stuck in it.

Enjoy the days that are not so intense. Get the most out of them.

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  1. LOVE the video blogs b/c reading causes me such eye strain and headaches. Really enjoy hearing you. Thanks!

    1. Yes, when we get so sick that it affects our eyesight it is fun to find ways around it. Thank goodness for the wild fun technology we have. Sending love and hugs your way!!

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